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Default another quick question!

so this happened at an earlier game today.

during combat my brother and the rest of the party believed he was losing the battle by 4 (monster had +4 to thiefs), so he promoted for help to win the game (double win via elf helper). cards were played and their total power matched the monster and were unable to defeat it. he then realised that he was a super munchkin and henceforth the +4 earlier was nullified and now both of them could defeat it. problem is, he would have been able to defeat the monster alone had he mentioned that earlier thus not being able to ask for help.

what should be done in these situations? do we just recall all the cards played and have him settle the monster solo?
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: another quick question!

IMO, it's easiest at that point just to play on with the corrected values, especially since at some point he probably would have needed to ask for the help regardless.
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