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Default Encounter Rate and Encounter Score

I don't know if this already exists, but I wrote up a rule for my post-apocalyptic adventure I've been working on. Makes it a bit less work to determine who or what is at wherever the PC's are going regardless of genre.

I also have a random encounter table to go with this that's pretty much the one from Mirror of the Fire Demon (a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy adventure) but post-apocalypse.

Encounter Rate and Encounter Score: When traveling or scavenging, there is usually someone else traveling or scavenging as well, and there is a chance that your paths will cross. An areas Encounter Rate is how often the GM should roll for a random encounter, and its Encounter Score is the number the GM must roll under for a random encounter to happen. Roll once when the PCs arrive at an area, and again at time intervals equal to the Encounter Rate. If an area has no Encounter Rate or Encounter Score, assume no encounters will happen except for those already listed. If an area has an Encounter Score but no Encounter Rate, roll only when the PCs first arrive. If the GM rolls a 3 or a 4 on an encounter roll, Bad Things happen.

If this already exists and I'm stealing a rule from Pyramid or some supplement, let me know and I'll delete it.
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Default Re: Encounter Rate and Encounter Score

I also have a similar rule that I stole from Aftermath! involving how likely a settlement or store is to have an item. The more general, the higher the score. They're more likely to have some pistol(s) than a Browning HP, and more likely to have a box of ammo than box of 7.62mm rounds.
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