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Default Re: [IW] Imagining Lucifer-3

With at least 60 days until the scope of the problem is fully realized, followed by mass starvation, people have time for a lot of odd final statements. Blowing up the IRS buildings, or bizarre sculptures in the middle of freeways, or any number of things I'm insufficiently caffeinated to come up with right now. I would imagine a subset of the artistic community to find this world fascinating.

While there would be looting and savagery, the sheer scope of the problem makes the end clear to basically everyone; in the end, I suspect most people would choose to go in an orderly (if deranged) fashion. Lots of mass graves, bodies neatly laid out and cataloged, people executed by their "loved ones", etc.

There's lots of biomass that can and will be preserved and eaten if it's dying anyway. I suspect people in very rural areas of the developed world would be able to hold on for a few years (or until the flashfires get them).

I can't seriously expect there to be any survivors anywhere. That requires enough greenhouse space to feed them, already in operation and defensible at the time of the event.
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