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Old 01-16-2022, 09:34 AM   #1
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Default Fenris+Mate and Magic Crayon mechanics question


We played the game some time ago and when one of us got the Fenris against him, the other used Mate on it. The first player didn't succeed in running away and should be mauled by the Fenris AND (as it is said in the rules) his Mate. As it is said on the card (Russian version), Fenris bites off the hand of the character. Also, the string "Now you have only one hand" is present on the card. The question is, is this last string just for flavour or is it is meaning one? Does it mean that the character now doesn't have hands at all (Fenris + Mate) or that it shall have one hand anyway and the Mate doesn't bite it off?

Considering Magic Crayon, its' text says, that when you take a new card for any reason you may drop this card and Crayon and take a new card instead. Does it mean, that you may just drop the Crayon when you take it? It is taken before, so it may trigger the effect. Or not?
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Default Re: Fenris+Mate and Magic Crayon mechanics question

That "You have only one hand" is the effect of the Bad Stuff. Normally, you have 2-Hands, now you have One. I am assuming if you also failed to run away from the Mate, it would have no effect, and you would still have 1-Hand.

For Magic Crayon, are you asking if you can discard Magic Crayon immediately after you draw it, and then draw another card in its place?
If so, Munchkinman said that is ok, assuming you are not drawing treasure after a combat with a helper.
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