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Christopher R. Rice
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Default Re: Phylacteries and Dissolve Enchantment?

Originally Posted by Tywyll View Post
I guess I'm not seeing how this version of phylactery makes the lich hard to take down? I mean, doesn't this version require they wear it on their person and if so... kill the monster, cast 'smash' from your broadsword, profit. It doesn't feel particularly difficult.

If they could hide it, then its a problem.
So having it on them gives them more ST to use for spells - and that's great. But a smart lich is going to hide it somewhere, maybe somewhere that causes continuous damage to those who try to take it, but the phylactery can withstand said damage. Smashing it is going to take longer than normal if it's even found so that gives the lich more time to get to it should it be found.

In the module Kalinore has his on him, but there is no reason why he couldn't hide it or even make it into a magic item in disguise and then fake his own death. Originally, that's what I wanted to do but I had to make the adventure close-ended otherwise I would have just kept writing and that's no good when you're working on a wordcount.

TL;DR they are supposed to be tough enough to take a hit in combat, but not so tough that it's impossible to break them.
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Default Re: Phylacteries and Dissolve Enchantment?

I was just thinking of a way to impliment liches in my game in the shower this morning. I was thinking that it would be the use of the Zombie spell or Control Person to create a magical item that the wizard uses to elongate his life and therefore his power, but also to dissolve the limitations of his mind. Possibly becoming one’s own thrall entails liberation from all of one’s deep internal limitations, because they control themselves by direct command only. They become a machine of the Ego, unfettered by the Id and Superego, able to operate completely in line with their most superficial of values. I thought this would be an interesting explanations for their evil, and a unique approach for a phylactery. I have no idea how they’re actually statted for TFT.
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