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Default Re: Conan the it a problem?

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
My 'base' rules for this are in the Companion volume that was published with the LE boxed set in the spring. I then adapt them in two ways:

1) dial the starting superhero point pool down to whatever power level I'm trying to create. The default is 32, but that gets you someone with powers like a comic book character. Something in the range 10-20 will get you something more like Beowulf

2) I expand the list of spell-like powers to include almost any spell, following the pattern of point costs established in the Companion rules

I've created several characters this way; the only one who has show up and done things in play is an NPC encountered by the players in my current campaign; she appears to be a simple traveller but has strange gaps in her memory and people who confront her 'off screen' end up dead with bizarre injuries. Her back story is that she is a sort of demi-god but doesn't know her own past or understand her powers because she blacks out when she manifests her exceptional strength and resistance to injury.
That's cool!

Sorry, what I was asking was more for how do PCs get these abilities, what do they pay for them, etc.
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Default Re: Conan the it a problem?

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
Where did you get the idea that Elric was 1000+ years old at the opening of the stories about him? I've read these a dozen times and never noticed that.
I don't think he's 1000+ years old. He trained for over 1000 years in dream quests. Check out the later Elric books, like "The Skrayling Tree: The Albino in America". More info here. I'm not sure how much time those dream quests took in Melnobone.
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