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Default Traditional Mapping with Megahexes

I've been experimenting with creating tiles that allow "traditional" mapping but retain the hex/megahex grid used by TFT, I've yet to figure out how to do rooms but the corridors seem to be fine.

I'd be interested what others think of this idea, particularly if it would help with converting maps from other RPG adventures for TFT.

Edit: some explanations:

* the inspiration for these comes from the Melee Map, where you can see a "straight" line of megahexes, so the idea was to recreate this pattern.
* as with any hexagon tessellation, there is a difference between left-right and up-down, the pattern is designed to minimise this as much as possible, there are still separate tiles for corridors running in each direction, each tile has a little arrow indicating what orientation it should be in, the tiles can all be rotated 180 degrees but not 90 degrees.
* the white borders are there because the half-hexes (those with a visible centre dot) are considered usable, so the border allows the character base to fit.
* the "wide" corridors are about 3 hexes wide (a megahex), which using the TFT scale of 1 hex = 4', means they are 12', but because the hexes are slanted it is more like 11', this is as close as you can get to a 10' corridor as per traditional mapping.
* the "narrow" corridors follow a 2-2-1 hex wide path, these are roughly 5.5' to 6' in width.
* the rooms have yet to be sorted out, shown are two types of tile that can be tessellated, these are very close to a 10'x20' room and a 20'x20' room, and still retain the megahex pattern.

Credits: J Roberts @ for the flagstone textures, and Fat Dragon Games ( for the 3D doorways.

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