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Old 08-31-2004, 07:32 AM   #11
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Default Re: Wish List for Car Wars version 4.0

The first thing that needs to be done on any future version of Car Wars is to realize that time has passed and we are not still in the early eighties. Cardboard counters are not the way to play the game. Period. If you don't start with that step, your game is doomed. Don't reinvent the wheel. Make the scale 3X (Hot Wheels/Matchbox) and let the players buy their own vehicles. I would bet the great majority are doing that anyway.

Next, rules that are a conglomeration of twenty years of "hack and paste" are not going to work. Determine what is good in the system and what is bad. Then, start ENTIRELY from scratch and reword the rules to incorporate the good and eliminate the bad. Make sure all the rules work together.

Vehicle Design Rules. Is there any doubt the lack of same killed the new version?

One rule book. Yes you can break it down into Basic and Advanced/Optional sections but the talk of different books and boxed sets, while initially appealing to the customer, would be deadly expensive for SJG which in turn ultimately is not good for the customer.

Support. SJG needs to decide what they are going to do. Either they are behind Car Wars or they are not.

Clix rules. I'm up in the air on this one. While it would introduce a new breed of player to the game, the game itself is radically changed. Sort of a double edged sword.
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Old 09-01-2004, 02:14 PM   #12
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Default Re: Wish List for Car Wars version 4.0

Originally Posted by Jolly Crims
So do people want:

a.) A reorginized and repackaged version of the old rules with a trimmed down tournament ruleset.

b.) Futher development of the current version.

c.) Something in between.
Option A, exception I wanted the rules expanded, not trimmed. I want to see Boat Wars and the Aero Wars (or whatever it was called) rules included.

Call Book 1 something like "Vehicle Combat System", or simply VCS. It would contain the basic rules of movement and weapons fire for cars, boats, airplanes, cows, etc. It would also contain a vehicle creation system. Based on the old Car Wars rules, with improvements and additions, could be distributed in a book the size GURPS Basic Set.

I would be more than happy to volunteer for such a design project, if SJ Games would be willing to permit and outside group create a new version for them, that way they could focus their resources elsewhere.

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Old Man
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Default Re: Wish List for Car Wars version 4.0

My first wish would be for one, mostly errata-free, canonical version to be printed. We quit playing Car Wars when we couldn't muddle through the errata and editions to determine what happened if you fired a flamethrower forward while traveling over 20MPH.

My second wish would be for the damage system to be thrown away and started over. When CW was a beer-and-pretzels pocket box game it was okay for MGs to do 1d6, RRs to do 2d6 and so forth, with bizarre ablative armor effects. Today it's a milsim, and the damage mechanics have to be more in line with reality. A .50 caliber machine gun today is a heavy weapon that will lay waste to anything on four wheels. A minigun is nearly useless against metal armor and utterly devastating against anything else. And so on.

The maneuvering system is pretty good and ought to be left alone.
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