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Christopher R. Rice
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Default Common Magic for a TL3 Wuxia Fantasy Campaign

So I'm doing some worldbuilding and I want to seek some opinions, thoughts, and ideas from you fine folks. First, some background: The campaign setting is TL3^ with some higher TL elements, namely the printing press, bureaucracy, smithy technologies like cast iron, and medicine. The world of Asphera is a magical one (I'm using Sorcery) and magic itself is fairly common. Maybe 1 out of every 100 people have some kind of magical spell they can cast. Magic itself is broken into six groups: Air, Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood. Magic is an inborn trait. You have it or you don't. Chi powers on the other hand can be learned. There is external and internal alchemy as well. The setting is kind of high fantasy, but not into epic fantasy. I'm using mostly a pastiche of the Warring States/Qin Dynasty era of Chinese culture with a few other things thrown in. There is also a horse culture (Mongolianish), a desert nomad culture, ocean travelers, and a few others.

That said what I'm seeking are the possible ramifications for having access to crafters who can also perform magic. What technology might be possible having access to supernatural powers? What might change in the campaign setting because of it? And what cool ideas would you use if you were running such a campaign.
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