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Default Modelling Unstable Power Investiture

(Inspired by the Claymore anime and Dragon Age:Origins video game)

In my fantasy setting, there are several religions which are viewed as being inherently dangerous, each for their own reasons. For one of the religions, it is possibly one of the most superficially powerful religions, but that ties in to its danger. The religion in question revolves around the worship of the goddess of the hunt, Luna. Because her religion is dangerous, unpopular, and persecuted, Luna grants favor fairly readily, and this can manifest in the form of...
Acute Senses(vision mostly)
Increased ST, HP, or Dex
Brief periods of Regeneration and/or Regrowth
Ability to sense Power Investiture of Luna's followers or a profane god named b'Y'laggo
Now, Luna has the divine equivalent of a stalker, and being imbued with her power makes this profane god take notice of the individual, whom he tries to seduce with more of the same powers. As the individuals become influenced by b'Y'laggo's call, they tap into persistent powers and abilities, which are tempered by an increasing number of disadvantages. Eventually, however, this god's corrupting influence will turn them into one of the arch-enemies of Luna's patron people--most likely their own, since her religion is suppressed everywhere else except among her patron people.

As I try to puzzle out these mechanics, I'm wondering what would be the most RAW or elegant way of representing this in GURPS. I've made several sets of meta-traits:
First meta-trait necessary for Power Investiture(Luna): 15 pts of advantages and 15 pts of disadvantages
Second meta-trait first level of corruption(still loyal to Luna): 29 pts of advantages and 30 pts of disadvantages
Third meta-trait second level of corruption(still loyal to Luna): 53 pts of advantages and 59 pts of disadvantages
Fourth meta-trait final level of corruption(still loyal to Luna): 95 pts of advantages and 93 pts of disadvantages
Fifth meta-trait the common creature loyal to b'Y'laggo: 95 pts of advantages and 96 pts of disadvantages
Sixth meta-trait corrupted who had Power Investiture(Luna) 3 or 4: 115 pts of advantages and 120 pts of disadvantages
Seventh meta-trait corrupted who had Power Investiture(Luna) 5 or more: 185 pts of advantages and 139 pts of disadvantages
My idea for representing this complicated form of subverted Power Investiture goes along the following lines.

Once a character has Power Investiture(Luna) of more than 0, they qualify for using different associated powers at-will as a form of the concentrate maneuver and become known as a Lunatic(I house-rule that any formal acceptance and training in a given religious order counts as 'more than Power Investiture 0' for PCs working their way towards the first rank). Depending on which power they use, b'Y'laggo has a chance of calling the character--the more powerful the power, the more likely they are to feel his call. This roll is essentially on b'Y'laggo's behalf, so no modifiers apply, other than a -2 if the roll is for a power being used after multiple consecutive turns of use.

If b'Y'laggo's call is a success, the Lunatic will have to make a Will roll after using the power, with a -2 if the call had a critical success. They also get a +2 to Will if the Lunatic is not in combat at the time, or a -1 for every recently killed person they are near at the time, plus any Power Investiture(Luna) they may have. If they get a critical success, the Lunatic resists and gets 1 point towards Lunatic Power Investiture or related abilities. If they fail, they take a meta-trait of worse corruption--the first level at first, the next worst and so on, becoming 'one of the enemy' after their third corruption. On a critical failure, they take a meta-trait of corruption and then roll against their Will again, with all the same modifiers.

The Lunatic powers I'm looking at are below, with the first number equalling the chance of attracting b'Y'laggo's call when they use that power.
5: Acute Sense +3 for one second, ST or HT +1 for one second
7: Acute Sense +6 for one second, DX+1 or ST/HT +2 for one second, or Regeneration(slow) for 12 hours
9: Acute Sense +9 for one second, DX+2 or ST/HT +4 for one second, or Regeneration(regular) for 1 hour
11: Regeneration(fast) for 1 minute, DX+3 or ST/HT+6 for one second
13: Regeneration(very fast) for 1 second, Regrowth(limited) for 10 seconds, DX+4 or ST/HT+8 for 1 second
15: Regeneration(extreme) for 1 second, Regrowth for 10 seconds, DX+5 or ST/HT+10 for 1 second
Does this pass the sniff test? Do the RAW weigh-in on something like this in a way that I missed?
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