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Default Create/Destroy Non-Existence as Innate Attack/Summon (Respectively)

Hello! Happy New Year!

I am designing an innate attack/summon ability, I will appreciate your help; it's been kind of hard bringing this concept to plausible skills.

The attack consists in “making” any target non-existent instead of killing it (and also bringing it back if needed). The concept of non-existence is explained in Thaumatology Ritual Path Magic (RPM), Path of Daath P.37.

Part I

On RPM 37 it says “Create Non-Existence” removes something from reality: And then, I read that you can “make” any target inexistent with damage spells from Daath; damage spells are on p. 17.

So, I think I could build an innate attack (aura) and give it the power modifier Daath for my melee attacks; and then I can probably make a “branch” of this attack as an imbuement (i.e. for Daath projectiles). If a target “dies” (fails HT to remain conscious) after I dealt any Daath damage, it is removed from reality instead. What do you think? What additional modifiers do I need?

Part II

Then on RPM 37 it says “Destroy Non-Existence” might “undo” the removal. If I want to bring the things I removed from reality back to reality (here and now), how do I achieve it?

I think I could use this. To me that's similar to GURPS Thaumatology Sorcery.

But these things won’t be allies, and it could be non-living things (i.e. a knife), they could have way more CP than I do, etc. What modifiers do I need here to have a CP wise cheap and unlimited ability to bring the stuff I removed from reality back to reality? (i.e. bringing back the Dragon I defeated regardless of its CP).

Edit: On the other hand I could use "Snatcher" and make it cosmic; then I could possibly bring anything I removed from reality.

PD. I am not creating this as magic, ritual path magic or sorcery because I want this to work @ no mana areas (and I want to avoid "modular abilities" as much as possible).

Thank you!
- Hide

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