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Default Space Probe

I'm sorry if this is a repeat, or doesn't belong here, but I need clarification for my friends.

The monster Space Probe says it won't pursue characters level 3 or lower. Higher level players lose 2 levels even if they run away. The bad stuff says they lose all headgear/armor, and lose 2 levels. And dignity for the record.

My friends are adamant that losing 4 levels because you fail to run away seems harsh, and so I could really use some backup.

If this is in the wrong spot then please let me know and I can delete it, or if an admin could move it for me would be appreciated.
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Default Re: Space Probe

You lose two levels if you are over the minimum Level requirement and Run Away successfully. If you fail to Run Away, then you do exactly what the Bad Stuff says to do, which is to lose two levels, plus some other stuff. Basically, the level loss from the Bad Stuff occurs, regardless of whether you are successful in Running Away, so you only lose two levels in either case.
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Default Re: Space Probe

Apparently they were right and I was wrong then. Thanks for the clarification.
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