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Default Update version

Hello all!

Version Update
  • FEATURE: Added a game speed toggle to allow players to set the overall speed of the game.
  • FEATURE:Added a countdown to notify when reinforcements become available in levels that have reinforcements.
  • FEATURE: The attack summary now has a tooltip indicating how attack odds are calculated; based on the current target.
  • Fixed bug where some menus stayed open when entering a new game if the player exited the level while they were open.
  • Fixed bug where the deployment menu kept appearing at the start of the player's turn during campaign missions 9 and 10, even if they had reinforced, or didn't have any reinforcements to deploy
  • Fixed bug where an Ogre's Treads were still target-able after they were already destroyed. The targeting highlight would still show but this is now fixed and working as intended.
  • The attack summary will now take into account whether an Ogre is in a Town when attacking its treads, and show appropriate attack odds.
  • The attack summary now shows a distinct message when attacking treads with a single unit, or multiple units.
  • The attack summary will now show "Automatic Hit" for single Infantry Squads at odds at or above 3:1
    The attack summary will now show "No Effect" for any Infantry target when the attack odds are 1:3.or below.
  • Minor Text fixes
  • Fixed Ogre and Heavy Tank ramming damage rule inconsistency

We've also just added a new video explaining some of the new UI features and quirks in the latest update!

Thanks! :D
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