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Default Re: Terrain destruction

Originally Posted by AurochJake View Post
Version is available now -
  • Feedback form has been updated - it should now be clearer that it uses the default configured email app; and provides an alternative contact email.
  • Superheavies and grouped infantry now show their remaining attack strength when viewed in the attack context menu.
  • Unit information now shows current as well maximum movement
  • Fixed the known issue where the game would hang when attempting to destroy a road. Roads can now be attacked and destroyed.
  • Scenario 6: Reactor Raid will properly end when an Ogre escapes after all three reactors have been raided.
  • Fixed Ogre Escape conditions for the Super CP Scenario
  • UI: Fixed an issue where the weapon select menu for Superheavies and Infantry would sometimes not disappear when using right-click to close the menu.
  • UI: The "Waiting On Opponent" message now appears and disappears correctly when its your opponent's turn during Overrun.
Hey Jake! Thanks for dropping in with the update... much appreciated!
"How do you know it's an OGRE Ninja if we can't see it... Oh, right..."
John H.
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Default Re: Terrain destruction

Originally Posted by CON_Troll View Post
Hey Jake! Thanks for dropping in with the update... much appreciated!
No problem! What's that? You want more?

Version Update

Patch notes
  • Ogres have been increased in size by 50% during Overrun relative to other units.
  • Ogres ramming armour units in Overrun no longer take tread damage, as per rule 8.05.2
  • Fixed bug where Ogre treads were not taking damage during Overrun if the Ogre was the initiator.
  • Disabled armour units can no longer Ram in Overrun
  • Options set in the front end will now carry through to in-game.
  • Mk IIIs Attacking: the victory condition now triggers correctly as soon as the Attacker escapes with a single Ogre.
  • Fixed bug where the Overrun Summary Menu was still visible if the player ended their current phase while it was still open.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Overrun Summary Menu to show either the wrong units or no units for the tile being overrun
  • Terrain Effects Table: Fixed some UI appearing over the top of the table.
  • Terrain Effects Table: Second "Damaged Forest or Town" now correctly reads as "Rubble"
  • Terrain Effects Table: Fixed text saying that Heavy Tracked Vehicles received triple rather than double defence bonus.
  • Movement Info: Fixed "Default" localisation when GEV cannot move during the GEV Moment phase, after having entered a swamp that turn. This now says "Unit is unable to move", which will be improved in a future update.
  • Movement Info: Fixed "Default" localisation when the selecting a train during the movement phase. Now tells the player it can only be moved during the train movement phase.
  • Attack Context Menu: Units with multiple weapons will now correctly display only their remaining attack strength with valid weapons against the currently selected target.
  • Buildings will take half SP damage from attacks when they're in Town tiles
  • Streams are being correctly referred to as Streams, instead of Rivers, in the GEVs & Terrain tutorial
  • Fixed various minor spelling errors across the game.
Thanks for your reports!
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