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Default Re: Funding semi-realistic monster hunters

Originally Posted by Railstar View Post
Honestly I’m not sure yet. The first time I’ve had the group appear was outside of any city, on the trail of a werewolf who likes to travel cross-country and a necromancer who wanted to set up an isolated base/laboratory – so they had been far enough out into the middle of nowhere that police attention wasn’t really an issue. As a group they tend to travel a lot, I think they have a home base but would operate from an RV or motorhome a lot of the time, so they probably wouldn’t get too well-known in any particular area.

I think there would be some police/legal contacts to minimise the risk of arrests, and some fudged paperwork from those contacts – I figure the support they receive from the church is more pulling those strings rather than cash. Perhaps some of their combat-gear might resemble police or army issue, so when they burst into an area armed to the teeth they can pass for a SWAT team or something similar.

Of course this can only go so far, but hopefully a lot of their prey does enough to make their theatres of operation hidden from the police that it provides some cover for the monster-hunters going in there as well.

That’s a clever cover! I like it. The “wild animal” problem might work to hide the monsters committing the maulings. While they might not get much money directly from it, or not funded directly, this “phantom office” could provide an excellent front which explains them being armed and searching dangerous places. It would also explain them having a rural base.

EDIT: I could combine this with the question "how do they not get arrested?" Maybe their legal/police contacts or church-support pulling strings was able to make this office be created, which might have met minimal resistance because it was expected to fund itself. But if they have this base, this office out in the wilderness, then there's nothing to stop them from also having a system in place to work the land and build up some productivity from that.
How about, instead of being an official branch of the local police, why dont have this as a private company that in theory hunts down dangerous Wild animals? That gives less need for contability to the goverment
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covert ops, monster hunters

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