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Default Re: Ever built an arena?

Originally Posted by Piecemaker
Anyone ever built an arena? If so, out of what?
I've made a couple of arenas, but the most useful one I built was based on versatility. I wanted something like a battlemat that I could use eraseable markers on, but since we used micro-machines and 1.5x scale, none of the existing battlemats were big enough, nor did they have the correct grid sizes.

So, I cut an 4' x 8' piece of plywood in half, spray painted it with grey primer, then drew on 1.5" grids. Next came the tricky part... I used clear contact paper to put down over the top of the grid. The clear contact paper allows you to use dry erase markers just like a battlemat. Problem is, it only comes in sheets that are 1.5 ft. wide (or somewhere around there). So, I had to put down three sheets and try to line them up without overlapping them.

It worked pretty well, but over time the gaps between the contact paper widened to an inch or so. It hasn't made much of a difference, but being a perfectionist, it annoys me.

As a whole, the "arena" is great. If I want to put down terrain, it's simple enough to do, but if I want a quick arena, I can just draw one on the board. The only problem I've run into is that I can no longer transport it since I got rid of my SUV!
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