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Default Re: Spaceships: "improved" guns?

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
It was a friend of mine that had Spaceships, and I no longer have access to it (probably get around to buying it eventually, though, I really liked the series). I think the aiming bit is rolled into sAcc - there's a box somewhere in SS1 explaining just what sAcc includes, so I'd suggest finding that. As for Improved weapons, there's never an explanation of how they work, I was simply mentioning the only two logical ways they could work - a single weapon shooting twice as fast, or two weapons in the same mounting.
Originally Posted by Spaceships.p5
sACC: The space Accuracy statistic combines the weapon’s Acc bonus, the range penalty for firing at typical ranges, and a bonus for aimed fire over several turns with the aid of active targeting systems and targeting programs.
'..several turns', not really clear enough.

My guess is you're refering to this box:
Originally Posted by Spaceships.p66
The space range modifiers assumes an Acc 18 weapon fired by a gunner performing All Out (Dedicated) aimed attack with 3+ seconds aim assisted by a +9 vehicular targeting system for a net +30. As point- blank range is actually assumed to be 100 miles for a -30 range modifier, the sAcc and Point- Blank modifiers are assumed to cancel out providing a net 0 modifier for Acc 18.
So that's 3+ seconds of Aim, nothing about 19 seconds of aim.

Anyway, these details aren't really that relevant to the OPs question. Officially Guns don't seem to support the 'Improved' Options (despite the note under the RoF table on p58), but there doesn't seem to be any particular reason not to allow it within the Spaceships Rules if you want.

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