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Default [Spaceships] Stacking Improved on Weapons

Should this be allowed? Improved (TL+1) can represent many things, miniaturization allowing more barrels of equal power to packed into the same turret, more efficient systems allowing it to fire more often, and so forth.

If you do think it should be allowed, how should it stack? Let's say we are TL 10, and have an Improvedx2 Laser. Would it have 4 times the RoF? Something else?
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Default Re: [Spaceships] Stacking Improved on Weapons

+1 TL for beam weapons typically means you've got the weapons about as efficient as they'll get, so further bonuses would be inappropriate. If you do want to allow them, I'd probably use the Speed/Range Table. So, +1 TL is x2, +2 is x3, +3 is x5, and so forth.
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