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Old 05-16-2019, 10:05 PM   #1
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Default [Infinite Worlds] Random Jumps on Purpose

Is it possible (and are there official rules) to purposefully make a random jump with a conveyor? Or more generally to make a jump if you don't have a pre-plotted course?

I know it mentions that there is a danger of people randomly hunting for Reich-5, and also that some worlds have their coordinates predicted by theory (implying that there are other important methods for finding worlds), which makes me think that it is possible.

Also, on the random "bad jump results" table it is possible to end up in a timeline other than the one you were aiming for, so it stands to reason if you can do something by accident that you can also do it in purpose.

Any thoughts?
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Default Re: [Infinite Worlds] Random Jumps on Purpose

Page 64 mentions "a rogue group with a conveyor could find Reich-5 by random
hunting – that is, after all, how Infinity found it in the first place."

It does seem pretty reckless unless you can preview your destination though, otherwise you might jump into something akin to a "Blender Dimension" ala Rick and Morty. I don't suppose there are any guidelines for adapting stats from into GURPS?
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Default Re: [Infinite Worlds] Random Jumps on Purpose

As a GM I'd allow a successful roll to intentionally trigger mishap-12. I'd make sure that it's not something you want to do a lot though.

I'd rule the conveyor can only do this by aiming for a specific world and then intentionally defocusing. It can't aim for nothing and then leave. If it doesn't have a program to travel off a timeline it can't leave.

I'd generally stick lost conveyors on known worlds, and I'd probably reuse the same dozen worlds when defocusing on a given destination.

I'd also probably make the convoyer require maintenance and fixing after such a use.


Its my understanding that infinity can crunch numbers to find new worlds. My opinion is that a conveyor mishap just uses up that computer power to find where the conveyor went: you don't actually save any resources.
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Default Re: [Infinite Worlds] Random Jumps on Purpose

It's a hefty enhancement to the Jumper power. So it'd either require some extra advancement to the tech, and/or a hefty drawback to use.

Perhaps an Electronics Operation skill roll with a penalty to override safeties disallowing such reckless behavior. With the result indicating amount of repair required after the jump.
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