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Default Munchkin Marvel, peter parker spidey sense

Ok so this is the situation and im getting multiple answers

P1 Has the peter parker ally in play (or hand its irrelevant) or has the cosmic cube in hand. Both these state they can be discarded anytimr to search the discards (peter parker for a spidey card and the cube for any card)

P2 plays a trap on p1.

Can p1 use either of the above cards to search for spidey sence (the trap counter card) and use it to block the trap? Or is it to late as such to do that
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Munchkin Marvel, peter parker spidey sense

You have to deal with the Trap before doing anything else, including searching the discards. If you already had Spidey Sense in hand, you could play it to cancel the Trap.
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