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Default Re: [Spaceships] Fighter Pilot Campiagn

The main batteries of an SM+6 fighter would be using a 12cm railgun or a 24cm conventional missile. The minimum damage of the railgun would be 6d*6 with minimum velocity while the base damage of the missile would be 6d*12 with minimum velocity. If the fighters possess an effective relative velocity of 200 mps, then the railgun would have a damage of 6d*600 while the missiles would have a damage of 6d*1200.

In the case of the base damage, heavy force screens would be incapable of stopping the average damage inflicted by a direct hit by a railgun (average damage would be 126 with a /2 armor divisor and, while the heavy force screens would stop 50 points of damage, the fighters would suffer 76 points of damage). The heavy force screen would not be able to stop a proximity blast from a missile (252 damage and, while the heavy force screens would stop 100 points of damage, the fighters would suffer 152 points of damage). It would be impossible for fighters to engage in dogfights without having a very high probability of destruction.

In the case of a maximum velocity engagement, the fighters would be doing an average of 12,600 points of damage with a proximity blast from a railgun or 25,200 points of damage with a proximity blast from a missile. They could destroy SM+15 battleships with heavy screens without difficulty. In fact, from a strategic point of view, it makes much more sense to have a screen of high velocity fighters flying through an area in order to prevent any capital ships from safely participating in a conflict.

Military doctrine would focus on removing/protecting the fighter bases that would support the fighter screens. The fighter bases would be protected by destroyers equipment with multiple defensive ECMs and a half-dozen tertiary batteries equipped with VRF lasers. The fighter bases would be located around four million miles from their primary defensive target, to allow for optimal engagement velocity, and would share an orbit with their defensive targets. In the case of Earth, twelve SM+15 fighter bases, arranged in a rough sphere around the Earth, could support a total of seventy-two thousand fighters without difficulty. The fighters would probably have a day-on/day-off rotation, meaning that thirty-six thousand fighters would be visiting the Earth every day. That would mean that twenty-five fighters would be reaching maximum velocity around the Earth every minute.
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