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Default [Spaceships 5]

Could anyone explain how the occupancy (356ASV) and number of prisoners (180) were reached for the Alcatraz Class Colonial Transport ?
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Default Re: [Spaceships 5]

4 Habitats x 20 cells/habitat x 4 occupants/cell = 320 occupants.

1 habitat with 8 bunkrooms x 4 occupants/bunkroom = 32 occupants.

1 habitat with 2 cabins x 2 occupants/cabin = 4 occupants.

That's 356 occupants, and they have long term life support in sealed and vaccuum proof rooms, for ASV.

The tricky part is working backwards from the described crew to the accommodations. 6 control crew, 3 gunners, 1 tech, 2 medics, and 4 scientists is 16 people. That leaves 20 spaces left over for the guards. If you assume that both of the cabins are single occupancy, then there are only 18 spaces left over for guards. 1 guard per 10 prisoners and 18 guards limits you to 180 prisoners. Tada! You're limited by the occupancy spaces for guards, even though you have a lot more potential space in the prison cells.

If you ditch the live guards for robots or automated systems, the remaining crew can share cabins and you can carry the full 320 prisoners.

Alternately, for the same cost, you could swap 2 cells in each of the prisoner habitats for 2 guard bunkrooms, letting you carry 288 prisoners and 32 guards. Turn all 8 bunkrooms in the central hull to cabins. 4 senior officers (lead scientist, senior medic, and 2 control crew) get individual cabins, and the remaining 12 crew are housed 2 each in the remaining cabins.
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