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Default Creative Spell Uses / Shape Earth

So, if a mage is falling, can they use Shape Earth to slow their fall (assuming they have earth with them and/or cast Create Earth first. The same could apply for Create and Shape Water. I see the mage either making earth or water below them to slow their fall or above or around them to function like a parachute. Alternately, could a mage on the ground Create either a pillar of Earth (sand) or Water in the hex the falling person would strike in an attempt to slow their fall? (I suppose Plant would work as well.)

While I looked at various threads for rules clarifications on Shape and Create (I am sure they exist but my search parameters were insufficient), I didn't see details that covered the limits on the dimensions of Shaping or Creating a hex of earth or stone. Could a Mage make a rope or stick like shape or a sheet like shape? (long in one or two dimensions).

I am assuming that the initial Shape and Create are limited by the amount of material affected and the distance from the mage. A mage casting a Shape or Create spell must either be on the edge of a cubicly or spherically shaped section of earth or stone from the start, suffer a -1 per yard distant for the furthest distance any portion of an elongated or flattened shape, or cast a powerful enough spell to encompass the entire object - (which would entail paying the volume cost to completely enclose the object and selectively choosing a portion not affected).

This is on par with the rules governing Area affect spells.

I am thinking of adding a Magery and Skill restriction for certain materials.
Magery and Skill Level. Base restrictions are for Shape. Higher for Create.

M:0 & 9+ Sand
M:1 & 12+ Earth
M:2 & 15+ Stone
M:3 & 18+ Glass
M:4 & 21+ Metal
M:5 & 24+ Gemstones (Either single element or Moh hardness)
M:6 & 27+ Gemstones (Either single element or Moh hardness)
M:7 & 30+ Gemstones (Multiple elements or Moh hardness)

(I am not sure about the Gemstones and higher restrictions.)
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