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Default Re: Updated / New Character Sheets

Originally Posted by rozumcrans
I have what I feel to be a rather annoying problem. The PC I'm making has combat reflexes, Axe/mace of 13 and Broadsword of 16, yet the darn thing keeps defaulting the parry skill to axe (Parry 10), not broadsword (Parry 12)!! Any way I can fix this? You would think a little spinner or button asking me which weapon skill I want to program to default to would be available.
You can set that in the Protection window, under the View menu.

Originally Posted by rozumcrans
I also wish to Hand Weapons table was larger to accomodate weapons with multiple uses. The character has a knife, throwing axe and sword, yet thw sword has to appear on page three while the medium shield of all things appears in the top.
If you have the most current patch and Data Update installed, open Character Sheet Options... from the View menu, select charactersheet.gcs from the drop-down list, and under Miscellaneous Options, click Yes to the option to "Sacrifice space from the Notes section" and you'll have more room for the hand weapons.

I hate the default character sheet myself, but I've tried to make it more usable for more folks with various options. I hope this one helps you out. You might also want to check out some of the other character sheets available out there.

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