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Default Re: What would you like to see on #SJGamesLIVE?

Hmmm....I think Id like to see a dedicated #GURPSLive series of webcasts of an hour each quarter (or even monthly).

Keep em to about an 30 minutes to an hour in length. I have an appetite for MUCH more, but an hour of my attention is about all I can offer at any given time. You could save me alot of webwork by rounding up some quick data and state of the game.

I think Id like it to be something that helps me use the books Ive already got and points me towards the books I need without infringing on the areas already covered by Pyramid and the source books.

Steve Marsh and <Guest> Where Guest is ideally an Editor, Author or someone else involved in GURPS or Pyramid's development.
  • Intro and Shill - 5 Minutes: Tell about what the most recent GURPS related releases including Pyramid. Tease Whats Coming. Plug the GURPs Forums.
  • Writing Prompt - 5 Minutes : Has the Wishlist been updated? IS there something thats interesting, that can be stated outloud instead of waiting for wishlist update? Whats the status on getting the upcoming Pyramids Filled?
  • Grist for the Mill - 10 minutes Pick a recent movie, song, book, commercial and Offer up Source Books for their conversion and play.
  • Hivemind's Eye - 10 minutes- Pick some topic from the GURPS forums that got alot of views or responses and discuss it briefly.
  • Illumination - 5 minutes - Whether from the forums/PMs email or tweets, answer some of those rules questions that we never seem to get enough of during the podcasts. If possible, ask the author who wrote the relevant work his opinions and discuss other interpretations.
  • 3e Throwback - 10 minutes - The conversion from 3e to 4e is really quite easy for most things. Pick a Sourcebook from 3e that was liked for its rules, genre, historical accuracy and completeness, novelty, or artwork and discuss some of the history and utility of the book.
  • Minimal Effort GM - 10 minutes - Whats some of the software/hardware etc that gets used to make GMing easy? Mapping Software, PDF readers, Char Builder Software, regular mundane tips and tricks to show people that GMing aint that hard.
  • Props and Pagentry - 5 Minutes - Whats the easy way to add that extra dimension to your game? Neat Miniatures, Printable Supplements, Mood Music, Riddles, and other 'extra mile' stuff that GMs do to enhance immersion. If Martha Stewart were a GM, what would she do for FIgs, props, etc.
  • Close out and Shill - 5 minutes - Good Bye everyone, these books are out, these books are comming out, BUY ALL THE BOOKS!
2 or three of those Ideas could easily fill a 20-30 minute episode and done once a quarter or once a month shouldnt be too hard as portions could be pre-recorded.

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