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Default Re: Munchkin Rule Clarifications

Originally Posted by Rebel792 View Post
I also need help understanding the rule about carrying potions. Are you saying that I can place a potion or one shot item on the table and turn it sideways to carry the item but not equip it "in order to free up space in my hand" and still use that item when i am in combat?

two other questions,

1. can a two other players team up to use a "wandering monster card" against another player. for example I have a wandering monster card, player "B" has a lvl 18 monster. Can I give player "B: my wandering monster card in order to player it against Player "C".

2. and this kind of ties in to question 1. is trading or giving cards to other player even allowed?
First part, yes.

1 and 2) Only Items can be traded (Items are cards with a gold value or the words "No Value" listed in the bottom right corner). Also, Items have to be played to the table to be traded, so cards cannot be traded from someones hand, and cards cannot go back into your hand once they are on the table. So, no, you cannot team up with someone else to play wandering monster because you cannot trade Wandering Monster cards or Monster cards.
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Default Re: Munchkin Rule Clarifications

Additionally, Wandering Monster says to play it with a Monster FROM YOUR Hand, so you could not play it with a Monster from someone else's hand.
Andy Partridge
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Munchkin Rule Clarifications

Summarizing the above, more simply: You cannot trade cards from your hand unless you play a card that allows this. You cannot trade non-Item cards from the table, either, unless you play a card that allows that.

Yes, playing one-shot Items to the table is allowed, either because you want to avoid giving Charity or because you want to dissuade people from working against you. One-shot Items can be played from your hand or from the table.
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Default Re: Munchkin Rule Clarifications

Thank you all so much for clarifying that up for us. thank you.
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