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Old 10-26-2020, 02:02 PM   #1
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Default Misty Step from D&D 5e

I am stating out the D&D races for my DF game. I am looking for a suggested cost / rules for a Misty Step ability. Basically the Blink spell with a range of 10 yrds, but as a stand-alone ability usable once every hour.

Right now I have guesstimated the cost at 20pts.

Any suggestions? Does this sound about right?

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Gumby Bush
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Default Re: Misty Step from D&D 5e

Well, if we go to GURPS per se, we have Warp (Magic -10%; Blink +25%; 1 hour recharge, -30%) [85]

If we add the 2 FP cost from Blink back in, that'll reduce the cost by 10 (to [75]).

Pretty expensive, and can only be used as an active defense 'porting you to some random spot within 10 yards.
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Default Re: Misty Step from D&D 5e

Building the power requires full GURPS, of course, but the result looks something like this:

Misty Step [25 points]

Once per hour, the character can teleport up to 10 yards to a location that they can see (whether it's with their own eyes, or remotely through some form of scrying). This requires a Concentrate maneuver and an IQ roll. If the character is encumbered (Light Encumbrance or heavier), the attempt costs 2 FP.

Modifiers: -1 per encumbrance level; -2 if the location is being viewed remotely; -5 if used instantly (in response to an attack) instead of as a Concentrate maneuver; -5 in low mana areas; +1 per FP spent before the roll (in addition to the 2FP required for Encumbrance). Characters with Magery may add their Magery level to the roll as well.

If the roll succeeds, the character is surrounded by glowing, opalescent mist for a moment before vanishing and reappearing at the chosen location. On a failure, they go nowhere. On a critical failure, they arrive at the wrong destination (which can be anywhere the GM wishes!) and the power cannot be used again for 1d hours. This ability can be used to avoid an attack, similar to the Blink spell, but the roll to do so is at -5. This is a magical ability, and does not allow teleportation into, out of, or through areas of no mana.

GURPS Power: Warp (Mana-Sensitive, -10%; Nuisance: Obvious Glow, -5%; Nuisance: Cannot prepare longer to get a bonus, -5%; Range Limit, 10 yards, -50%; Reliable +5, +25%; Takes Recharge, 1 hour, -30%) [25]. The rules covering encumbrance are an example of a temporary enhancement power stunt (Powers p.172) with the system modified for DFRPG simplicity.
This is pretty similar to the Low-Key Misdirection power on p.8 of Hand of Asgard.
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Default Re: Misty Step from D&D 5e

I would base it off Warp which means the minimum cost would always be 20 points. (100 point base ability, no more than 80% reduction in cost)

Add Warp reduce range to range limited to 10 yards would be -50% cost. Its a skill roll -10 to accurately teleport instantly and this ability lets you try to dodge (considered a dodge roll) I might be willing to add a +0% enhancement that if you don't succeed you just randomly move but then the GM gets to put you in any space where you evade the attack if you fail.

You can also spend +1 FP to reduce the -10 by one level you can spend as many FP as you can afford to. You must spend the FP before rolling

I didn't think of the -10% for magical.

Borrow from some of the disads above and you can reduce the cost above.

This is 40 points.
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Old 10-28-2020, 08:20 AM   #5
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Default Re: Misty Step from D&D 5e

So, I did a back of the envelope calculation (using GCA), and just to cast Blink at IQ costs 97 points in Advantages, Skills, and stat upgrades. Applying the -80% mod of One Spell Only to the whole thing gives me 19.4, rounded up to 20.

Costs 2FP and they need to make an IQ roll to teleport away up to 3yrds as a dodge.

Adding a new VH/IQ spell of Misty Step (basically identical to Blink but range is 10 yards) at IQ adds 2 points for a 99, for 19.8, rounded up to 20 again.

I think it makes sense. What do you all think?

EDIT: This would be only usable once every hour, so I think the one spell and once per hour limitations are worth -80% in total.
We may, indeed, share 98% of our genes with chimpanzees, but then, we share 47% with cabbages.

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Gumby Bush
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Default Re: Misty Step from D&D 5e

OK, for the cost analysis of this you will, again, be hopping into GURPS proper territory (and... maybe this thread should be located there instead?)

Built as a spell, you're looking at:

Charm (to skip prerequisites) [1]; Secret Spell [1]; VH Spell at IQ (using tricks from Blessed Be, P3/78) [4]; Quirk: Once/hr, no benefits from high skill, [-1] (the quirk follows precedent from DF Denizens: Barbarians).

For the spell to be fair, though, I'd boost the FP cost to maybe 5. For a no-FP version, then, apply Reduced FP cost 5 (+100%) to the whole package for [10].

You'll need to already have Magery 0, at least, or add a point for that... or just waive it.

I would likely just create the VH spell, give it suitable prerequisites and the boosted FP cost, and offer it for wizards to purchase.

You may find Generic Universal Eggplant's stuff useful. It is not DFRPG (includes stuff the DFRPG ignores, like aging, and uses Sorcery instead of Magic as skills), but if you want to tinker, it'll give you a place to start.

Here're the elves there:
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