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Pope Uncommon the Dainty
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Default The einheriar are getting back to work.... (also, disability representation)

I wrote up one of the returned einheriar, Bandlaik, on my blog. I intend for him to be a pretty good crossover character, able to show up both in the intense and plot-heavy scenes involving the collection of the dead as well as in more freewheeling and whacky stories set in the local BDSM dungeon. Obviously, that could bring them into contact with Lusties and any number of different ethereals, but consider also that David might send servitors to the dungeon for fairly obvious reasons. Laurence, too, if you think about it. And a friend of I have both an angel of Flowers, a saint of Faith, and a demon of Gluttony in the BDSM-focused adventure we're writing, as well.

More importantly, I also wrote Bandlaik from the perspective of disability representation, both in kink and in RPGs. In some ways, I have more trouble with IN in terms of disability than many other games, because it mostly pops up as a sign that someone has gone against their nature and cracked their soul a little bit. Even when the book stresses that Disadvantages are different from Discord, it tends to fall a little flat :-(

So, short of rehauling the mechanics there, I just wrote up a fairly likeable disabled character. How does it work?
either e/em/eir pronouns OR fey/fem/fear OR be/bim/bos pronouns {if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}

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