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Default Re: Fantasy Trip Mega Hexes

100 yards is -5 DX for Missile Weapons talent.

+2 DX for standing support
+2 DX for ten seconds aiming
+1 for Missile Weapons I

So even DX shot.
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Default Re: Fantasy Trip Mega Hexes

Originally Posted by Helborn View Post
It's not just Missile range adjustments - MH also affects Creation spells. There can be an important tactical distinction between being able to create an illusion or Summon 5 hexes away vs only 3 hexes away.
The same for all of the multi-hex spells that are defined as covering a MH (MH Sleep, Pentagram, MH Freeze)

My solution has been to create clear overlays with MH outlines for when I can't use pre-prepared maps or MH tiles.

Shadekeeps mapping program works well for that.
I did try this but making it transparent and usable on every map was too cumbersome. I noticed in Fantasy grounds they went with 0 up to 8 hexes away and -1 9-15 etc. I just set roll20's unit to hexes and I'll figure out how I want to handle it later...
-- Bob --
Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. - Michael Jordan
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