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Default Re: Ogre + Necromancer - Badlands

That sounds like an awesome scenario!
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Default Re: Ogre + Necromancer - Badlands

Originally Posted by Izzy_B View Post
I finally played Badlands. Unfortunately only solo so didnít hide the defending forces from myself or use the nukes since Iíd know where they were.

The map is very intriguing, it encourages the attached along certain paths but doesnít force any particular paths. With hidden nukes the defender has to bet on which path the attacker will take towards the CP, not an easy bet.

My defensive setup was a perimeter guard of HVYs around approaches the CP with a forward screening HWZ and 2 MSLs one each north and south of the CP towards the edges of the map. In hindsight this wasnít a good strategy at all.

The attacker allowance of 20 armor units is incredibly generous. I chose 16 HVYs & 4MSLs. Movement in stacks as a pincers from the north and south towards the CP plateau.

The result was a complete bloodbath. All PE units destroyed at the price of one Combine HVY. Iíll definitely revisit this with a different balance of forces.
If you're going to play and need fog of war you might try using the dummy counters and random place the units to be revealed only when LOS is established.
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