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Default Re: Getting started

Originally Posted by Shostak View Post
The TFT Discord server is pretty active and has a channel for people looking for players/a game to join. The TFT Facebook group is also fairly active, and sometimes posts are put there for folks looking for players for a game.
The TFT Discord has several rooms for people to play the game by post. If all the rooms are full, you may request a new channel to play a new adventure and I will add one. Discord is perfect for playing Melee and Wizard because the TFT Discord server has maps and dice in the game channels.

HCobb said that there's no counter support, but that doesn't matter, because you do it old-school! The game is meant to be played with physically, and Discord is perfect for doing this with TFT combat. The maps on Discord have ID names in each hex. When in a Melee battle, Both players get out their physical game and set it up on their respective tables. During a game, for instance, you tell the opponent: "My warrior moves from hex GA to hex HX, facing Hex HC." Both players would move the piece on their physical map to the proper hex. Now you're playing with the real TFT components although you're separated by a great distance!
Daring adventurers are invited to join The Fantasy Trip Discord server:
Ogre gamers unite:
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Default Re: Getting started

Originally Posted by JimmyPlenty View Post
There are players for Tabletop Simulator, which is good for battles. But there are people that use Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds as well, which I assume is much better for the role-playing part. There is not a module currently on Vassal.
Iím going to have to disagree with you. Here is the link to the Vassal module:
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