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Chris Goodwin
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Default Re: Misc. Spell questions

Originally Posted by Helborn View Post
The description of the Soothe Spell (ITL pg 25) states:

Soothe (T): Calms an upset person or animal. Especially useful for crying babies! Of course, if there is a reason for the baby to cry, it will start again soon. This spell does not change a diaper, though a properly cast Cleaning would. Cast on an animal, Soothe reduces by one die the difficulty of an Animal Handler attempt. Cost: 1 ST.

Question: There is no Cleaning Spell (I think there should be) and Cleansing does not make sense (you want to kill the baby? poop without germs is still dirty....) so .....?
This might be a good submission on the PDF Errata thread.

For discussion purposes... I'd say maybe the Look Your Best spell would clean the poo, and maybe that's what was intended? The Cleansing spell would work on the diaper for sure.

Most Physickers and above (including Vets) would know not to use Cleansing on a living being. Those in areas where the germ theory is known would know why, and they'd probably know a spell called Easy Cure, which is the Ferment spell under another name, and would be the one they use on living creatures, to cleanse wounds and "ease the digestion" among other things. They would use Cleansing on their instruments and operating fields, and I'd probably rule that if they're using Cleansing that their effectiveness is doubled (up to 4 ST for a Physicker or 6 for a Master Physicker; maybe assign a dice value instead, like 1d-2 minimum 2 for a Physicker, 1d-1 minimum 3 for a Master).

On general healing and recovery of fatigue ST: between Drain Strength, and recovery of Powerstones (ST batteries in original TFT) and Staff II mana, there's a general exchange rate of 5 ST to recover 1. Drain Strength specifies that you can use it to drain from and to third parties, so I'd say that would be the one to use to "heal" a person's lost fatigue, using the caster himself or a volunteer as the source.
Chris Goodwin

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