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Default New communities for Car Wars

One from the game my group plays in,

Topeka Kansas
Oakland Subdivision

Oakland once was a small town unto itself, since the collapse it has become a small town again. Walls were built from whatever was available along the Shunganunga Creek to the Billiard Airport, back along the Kansas River to the Rail Yards and then up to the Shunganunga Creek once again encompassing the Rail Yards as a whole.
The defenders of Oakland are comprised of its citizens formed into a Militia with some having Military Training and sharing that through one day a week of Military Training for any who are interested.
Oakland has a number of small businesses to provide for all of the community needs, even a hospital that is small but serviceable for the community in the old Community Center at the Billiard Park. Small businesses include a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, two Liquor Stores, two Grocery Stores, Parts shop that is an Uncle Alís outlet able to get any part for any kind of vehicle, Car Wash, Hardware Store, Pharmacy, three Garages able to work on typically two cars at a time with fuel pumps and charging stations, Fire Station, even an Ambulance kept at the Community Hospital, on call Taxi, three Schools which serve all education needs with Adult Classes held by members of the community sharing knowledge at a higher than high school level. Parks, Ball diamonds and such in several places, and the pride of the community is Green Houses growing all food needs for the community along with the individual garden plots throughout the community.
The Billiard Airport serves small planes and the community vehicles are kept at the Airport. Every once in a while a major Airship will come in on an emergency landing and wait for Airtech to come up with parts from Wichita. The commuters take advantage of the communityís available comforts as well as the community takes advantage of the business hoping to use tourism as a means of income.
Renovation is occurring through the community as well with old and unused houses recycled, trash recycling, and planting of fruit bearing trees to create an atmosphere of pleasantness. The Waste Treatment Plant is a source of income by providing plumbing service to the community and outside of it. Waste is drawn from the old sewer system for a price to the rest of the Topeka subdivisions and treated before disposal into the river with higher treatment of the effluent than was before the collapse as the greenhouses receive the benefit of the treated sludge as fertilizer which is also sold as a commodity to any buyers outside of the communities needs.
Other communities surrounding Oakland fight and feud to try and take what the Oakland Community has created, such as the food grown in the Green Houses, only to be met with heavy firepower from the Militia. The Oakland community has spent its income from any sales of commodities to outsiders to trade or buy as much weaponry as they could afford to provide for their protection.
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