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Default Gargoyle Talents

Based on a Player's request.

IQ 9
Tail Slash (1): This talent allows a gargoyle to use their tail in combat as lizard folk.

Wing Buffet (1): This talent allows a gargoyle to attack foes at their sides with their wings. Mechanically this is handled as a tail attack, but only targets side hexes.

Stone Wings (1): The gargoyle's wings become hard and resilient. They gain one point of armor versus attacks from.the side or the rear. If they act defensively, this armor can apply to their front instead (they hunker behind their wings). The wing armor can never apply to both front and rear/sides at the same time.

IQ 10
Prehensile Tail (2): The gargoyle gains total mastery over their tail and can use it as a third limb. It can even weird a weapon at 1/2 their strength (gargoyle often strap blades to their tails, even double sided axe blades). Any weapon must he one they have a talent for. If they attack with their tail their regular attack and the tail attack bother suffer a -4 DX.
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