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Default Death Test Revisited after 40 years

I grew up with TFT and played Death Test in school in fifth grade in between classes. It was my introduction to RPGs in general and a great experience. I don't remember much about the dungeons but we had lots of fun! So time to try out the Legacy box and what better way to start than where it all began all those years ago.

I will go through my latest Death Death run, turn by turn. It will be a rather long post.

If it doesn't belong here on the forum, feel free to delete it or move it elsewhere. I have no literary ambitions, but I like a little bit of background.
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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

The High Road

They call me Ogre, I can understand why. I have never been anything else but clumsy, I stumble a lot and most of the time I act as a training dummy. But when everyone leaves the training field, battled and bruised, I still stand tall, though dwarf I am, with my shield raised high swinging in the wind. The better part of valor and all that aside; my job is to keep myself and my people safe. I fix their armor, I keep them placed right, I cover them with my shield and when they go down I carry them off to safety on said shield and stitch them right back up.

Lately, I've hatched a new plan. I and my crew took to the green-ways for a couple of weeks and helped ourselves to some peoples' riches. Sure there were some blood spilled, but we tried to be civil about it. Our earlier mercenary life was more or less the same, blood money is blood money after all. At least this time we could choose our targets with some care. And we did have a somewhat noble purpose. Get some decent gear and try for the Thorz's Guard! A respectable life and less hurting and killing innocents.

With me, I have the elven siblings. We all came from the same slums, the bottom of the pile so to speak. Some cities can be pretty human-centric and my drunkard of a father never even taught me the dwarven tongue. The siblings didn't even have parents but were partially brought up by a merchant trying to live above his station. He probably thought a trio of little cute elfsies would make for nice pets. When he ended up in debtor's prison, they joined me on the streets and we have been like family ever since. And later on, we served together in different outfits as sell-swords.

Longlegs and Tilly are both hunters at heart, but they have rarely seen a real forest. But they think they will fit in perfectly out there because they are elves by birth. I know better, the only place they will ever fit in, is in an alley or a military camp. Their youngest sister Twirl is running with the street performers and dreams of a life in the limelight. She is amazing with her fiery twirly sticks, and actually quite deadly. Few people can get a lick in without getting bruised all over first. She can create a cage of fire around her, very pretty, especially when it is dark. But that is not why I wanted her to come along, she also happens to know a few illusions that could come in handy.

Together we make a pretty good team. Me, an illusion and Twirl can hold the line, Longlegs can flank them and with his new shiny halberd, he should be able to deliver some devastating carnage to the enemy. He can also help out from the second rank if need be or fling one of his silly curved sticks. Tilly has both a good eye and a steady hand. Strong for an elf too. Her crossbow will come in handy and if we are in for a longer ranged fight I can always help her reload the arbalest. And when the enemies get bored trying to hit Twirl and change target, Twirl will probably surprise them and strike back. My own offensive skills are mostly verbal.

And they say we can keep all the gold that we find. What's not to like?

So we applied for testing and a rather bored official greeted us at the citadel. They went through the rules for the test, but we had heard most of them beforehand. No magic items, not too much gear, yadda, yadda. Maybe we were overconfident, but the whole guard detail seemed to go through the motions. They had probably seen a lot of hopefuls fail during the years. There were even some rumors about a new and improved test being set up, but we focused on this one. A handful of rooms, keep going as straight as possible, give and expect no mercy, don't leave people knocked out in the corridors and run for your lives if things get too bad. Those were the advice we manage to pick up from the rumor mill in town.

So down some stairs we went, and when we saw the first darkness curtain we started to arm ourselves. I cranked the arbalest for Tilly, Twirl lit up her two torches-on-a-chained-stick so we could see properly and Longlegs held his halberd in one hand and one of his curvy sticks in the other.
Ready, I asked?
They all nodded and we stepped through, all at once.

An empty room, except for a suspicious looking chest. We looked at each other and I slowly advanced up to the chest, Longlegs was a pole-length behind me, both hands on his halberd now, the others right behind him. After a quick search of the chest that gave nothing, except some insect noises and water drips from the ceiling, we got ready. I kicked the damn thing open, expecting it to blow up or something.

Out of it came a small army of plate-sized spiders! I swore as they started to crawl up my legs, too fast for me to stomp them away, but then again I am not known for my dancing skills. Then I heard the loud screams from the rest of my crew! I remembered that they had neither armor nor a backbone when it came to spiders. This could get dicey right quick, and the spiders never stopped coming!

The Crew:

(G) Orin “Ogre” Ironshield (Dwarf) “Poses as a traveling Blacksmith” (Brigand 250$ 5/12)
ST: 15
DX: 6 (AdjDX -1) (-4 with weapon attacks)
IQ: 11
MA: 6 (4 with loot)
Defense: -1DX (5die defense)
Armor: Plate 5pnt. Tower Shield 4pnt. Toughness II = 11 pnt.
Weapon: Morningstar 2d+1, Hvy. Crossbow 3d (Usually given to Tilly.), Plated Fists (1die, +2)
Talents: Human (0), Physicker (2), Tactics (1), Shield (1), S. Exp. (2), Toughness I+II (4), Armorer (1)

(R) Llongwylhighian “Longlegs” (Elf) “Poses as a Hunter” (Brigand 250$ 5/12)
ST: 11
DX: 13 (Halberd: 11, Boomerang: 15)
IQ: 8
MA: 14
Weapon: Halberd 2+1 (-2DX) , Boomerang 2-1 x3
Talents: Human (0), Running (2), Pole Weapon (2), Thrown Weap. (2), Boomerang (1), Q.Draw H. (1)

(X) Thirawhellynia “Twirl” the Pyro-dancer (Elf) “Poses as a Dancer” (Brigand 250$ 5/12)
ST: 9
DX: 12 (2 attacks 12/8, Shrewd 8/4, Spell 12)
IQ: 11
MA: 12
Defense: -1 DX (6 die Defense Action AND 4 point of protection.)
Weapons: Nunchuks 1+2 (0/-4DX), Shrewd 2+2(-4/-8DX). (Instead of a second attack, parry for 2.)
Talents: Human(0), Nunchuks (1), Nunchuks Exp. (3), Two Weap. (2), Pyro-dancing (1), Literacy (1).
Spells: Illusion (3)

(N) Gothilliawhellyn “Tilly” (Elf) “Poses as a Huntress” (Brigand 250$ 5/12)
ST: 12
DX: 11 (14) (Hvy. Crossbow 12 + aim)
IQ: 9
MA: 12
Weapons: Light Crossbow 2 (1/turn), Hvy. Crossbow 3 (“Ogre” cranks it.), 2-h Crowbar 1+2.
Talents: Human (0), Alertness (2), Det. Traps (1), Silent Movem. (2), Crossbow (1), Missile Weap. (3)

3 weeks of work: 2500$
Plate 500
Very Sharp Halberd 1400
Nice Looking Nunchucks w/ some pyro-stuff. Silver reinforced.

Physicker's Chest
Labyrinth kit.
Molotails x 6

“The Red Room”


12 Spiders take the initiative and attack everyone within 3 hexes equally, which probably means they have MA 4 and it cost one to get out of the chest. They auto hit and do 2 damage every turn and stick to their targets.
6 goes for Ogre(G) and the first one is actually killed with a 6 on the initiate HTH roll, the dwarf stumbles back one step, but the spiders keep coming, he is still in their movement range. Since there is a HTH already the rest get in automatically by joining in on the fun.
The other 6 goes for Longlegs(R) that is just within their MA range, he defends against the first HTH attack with a 3, no dagger for him, but fists will probably do nicely. The 5 remaining also climbs up his boots while he dances and screams like a little elfling.
Tilly(N) shifts a little to get closer despite her fear of the little creepy crawlers. Twirl(X) do the same.

The spiders can't attack Ogre(G) or Longlegs this round since they moved their max distance, even though the last third step was automatic from Ogre's HTH dodge step, does it count? (A GM's call.)
Longlegs(R) starts off by smashing one with his fist. +4(HTH) and -3(fear).
Twirl(X) hits one with her first attack (DX 12+4(prone)-3(fear), then her second attack misses twice (DX 8 +4-3), but the third try is a success and spider number 6 on Longlegs dies. Close call or she would have had to roll to miss her brother. 2 creepy crawlies down.
Tilly(N) hesitates but decides to drop her crossbow and gives the icky crawlers a one-two fist attack. With a DX of 11+4(prone)-4(2 attacks)-3(fear). She mirrors her sister's result Hit, miss, hit. And kills two more.


Party wins initiative. The spiders don't move, they have a ride and are happy with their victims.
Tilly(N) moves in to join her brother in HTH and get that juicy +4 HTH bonus to hit. But GM asks if she really wants to get that close them, and she changes her mind and keeps attacking from an arms-length distance. She is reminded that she still get the +4 bonus since the spiders are prone.
The spiders get no HTH bonus, they are too small to properly engage the characters.
Longlegs(R) goes first and quadruple miss; DX 13+4-4-3. At least he didn't hurt himself.
Twirl(X) do one attack only; DX 12+4-3, since she doesn't want to risk hitting her unarmored brother with a burning nunchuck. She hits the first one and kills it.
Tilly(N) DX 11+4-3 have the same DX as the critters, but since the party won initiative she goes first and she punches one and stomps on it when it hits the floor with a disgusted look on her face.

The five spiders on Ogre do their best but to no avail. 2 damage, even with a triple crit they wouldn't penetrate his plate and toughness. The shield doesn't count of course.
The single remaining spider on Longlegs bites him for 2 damage and Longleg remembered his own words; I don't need any armor, because the enemies will never catch me. And then comes the follow-up question; Venom?
GM answers, “No, not this time. Or maybe it is just slow working...”

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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

TURN 3 (GM wraps up the combat.)

He calls for everyone to start rolling to kill the spiders, just to see if anyone misses and gives Longlegs or Ogre a hit by mistake. They don't and Longlegs' spider goes down before it can do any more damage.
After the battle, Longlegs' seemingly mortal wound by the demonic giant spider of doom is seen to and he doesn't look that hurt after all. Almost back to normal. Strange that.

I get the skittish elfsies back in line after they start to argue about going back out. They said they would never have gone down here if they knew there were going to be spiders. I convinced them that the testers would never use the same monster twice, so now we only have easy opponents left and no more infernal eight-leggers or whatever they call them. They reluctantly agree. Oh, I almost forgot, in the chest was four gold bars, that I got to carry of course, but still. It improved everyone's spirits.

We move on, more corridors and then another darkness curtain. This time Tilly took the arbalest and Twirl called forth a soldier illusion to lead the charge. Tilly would stay behind and then use her hunting skills and sneak in on my command. Five persons in a test for a maximum of four persons might cause unnecessary doubt in case the enemies were smart. Oh did I forget to tell you that we got some nifty magic talking devices? Well we did, very practical, so we could stay in contact and time her entrance?

“The Silver Room”

We entered, saw some guys resting from their wounds in an otherwise empty room. My command was quick, “Attack!” I figured the Thorz needed decisive men of action and not smooth talkers and configured the test accordingly.

E no.6 ST13(8),DX12(10),IQ8 MA8 Leather, Halberd, Small Axe.
U no.13 ST11(10),DX13(11),IQ8 MA8 Leather, Small Shield, Mace
H no.7 ST9(4),DX13(15),IQ10, MA10 Javelin, Small Shield

Part-time Illusion: (F) ST11, DX13(9), IQ8 Chainmail, Tower Shield, and a Very Fine Shortsword 2d+1.
(There were some arguments about the attributes, talents and such. But the sword was allowed if it looked the part and was somewhat on par with the rest of the party.)


Party get a surprise and automatically wins initiative, they choose to go first.
G moves up and engage the middle man, a full move, in order to stop the enemy H from going around and get a charge on one of the others.
Illusion F did the same but cut off the more dangerous E halberd fighter from doing the same.
R takes one step forward, not especially interested in a halberd vs. halberd charge. Let the illusion soak the damage. R intends to fling his curvy stick. (He could have moved up to half MA but forgot that.
X moves around, intending to close with the javelin user next turn in combination with a defend action. The javelin has no reach so she is somewhat safe three hexes away even after a 1 hex step from H.
The enemies hold and H do a 1-hex too short “charge” against G.

R has an adjDX of 15, hits E for 9 damage!, and E takes 7 and is down to 1 and almost was knocked down, but have a -2 and a -3 DX penalty.
H adjDX13 hits but do no damage to Ogre heavy armor.
U adj11 hits the illusion for 6 dmg and F takes 1 after armor.


Initiative: 5+1 vs 6, reroll tie for 1+1 vs 1 Party wins and decide to go last.
U sacrifice himself a little and initiate HTH with F, the illusion, by moving on top of him. A 2 for defense means the illusion drops his shield and weapon, both disappear promptly. (Very suspicious!)
U could initiate HTH since he had an MA of 8 and the illusion only 6 due to armor.
The HTH move opens up for E to charge the artillery R, since F lost his ability to engage enemies when he fell prone for HTH. E hopes to engage Longlegs before he will have time to draw his Halberd and by doing so go before the next boomerang wound hit him. Seemed like a very sneaky tactic.
H moves one hex to engage G and distract him from the prone enemy at his feet. And then Disbelieves. (Unusual but since they have “proof” and that guy has a good IQ it seemed reasonable).
X steps in and attacks.
R quickdraws the Halberd and sets for a charge.
G attacks.
N gets the order to attack, steps in 1 hex, takes a knee and attacks with the crossbow.

R succeeds with his quick draw at DX 11, original DX 13 -2 for a QD. But misses the set vs. charge at adjDX 13. (13 -2 for weapon size and +2 for a set vs. charge). Since it was a charge it went first.
E the other charge attack was made at a measly adjDX7 A last huzzah! 8!, close but no impale. And no bonus since he didn't have a set vs. charge. A hit would have been really nasty though. Maybe he should have aimed for the kneeling H instead, no charge but +4 adjDX with a jab.

U strikes the illusion F with an adjDX11 +4(HTH), hits but no damage through the Chainmail with his dagger.
H at adjDX13 rolls for the disbelieve 3/IQ, IQ 10, success! F goes poof!
X attacks with adjDX12 and 8. A miss and a 6 on the second attack, a hit.for 7 damage and H goes down at -1ST due to pre battle wounds.
N Tilly, shoots her Hvy. Crossbow. AdjDX 12 +1 for prone. 9 to hit, 11 damage! E gets a bolt through the chest that instantly kills him at -8! No need for N to roll to miss since the missile path never goes into R's hex.
G attacks with a +4 DX on the prone U, but still only has a auto hit to hope for. He misses.


GM wraps up since the last enemy will be attacked 3 times when he stands up and one of the attacks will be a halberd charge at +4 DX. And even if all those attacks misses there will be a few more next turn before U can fight back.
After the fight, the party rest up 1 fatigue and then moves on.
They find another three gold bars.

A quick and not so fair fight with only enemy and illusory blood spilled.

The crew was back in business, morale-wise. Maybe a little cocky. We searched the room and headed out the other exit. Onward to the next curtain. This time we tried to enter with Tilly's normal Lgt. Crossbow in hand and an illusion up front. The illusion casting was a success.

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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

"The Yellow Room"

3 archers on the other side of a big pit.
ST9,DX15,IQ8,MA10 and small bows 1d-1 x2.

Archers win initiative and they back up in order to shoot. Wanting to put as much ground between them and the party and hopefully avoid a charge.
F, the illusion moves and engages the closest archer.
G moves.
R moves and hides behind G.
X moves and engages L and at the same time hides from the other archers.

The enemies with their DX of 15 go first since they won the initiative.
Enemy X has two targets and randomly goes for G, hits with a 9 but no damage.
L has his last shot since he is now engaged. Randomly fires at F, which is lucky since X has no armor.
L hits and do 7 damage. A scratch after armor and shield reduction.
Enemy G also has two possible targets and goes for G, a hit but no damage.
R throws his boomerang at L, adjDX15 -6, rolls a 6 and do 6 damage.
Enemy X and Enemy G, is not engaged and can fire off their second shots, hits Ogre and F respectively but no damage.
(GM decides they will change tactics due to the party's armor. They will go for aimed shots or the lightly armored opponents even if it means shooting to miss their friends.)

Initiative 6+1 vs. 1 Party goes first.
N Enters and takes a knee.
G engages with a move.
R charges
X and F shift one step and flanks their target.

L Draws weapons, two daggers.
Enemy X and Enemy G shifts and fires their last shots.

R goes first with his quick draw, but fails (again) adjDX13-2 and a roll of 12, no charge or attack for him.
(GM let him go first since if he succeeds with his quick draw he will do a polearm attack and go first.)
Next goes Tilly (N) with her Lgt. Crossbow at adjDX14+1(prone) and the party won initiative.
She shoots enemy X and hits for 6 damage.
Enemy G takes his last shot and fires at R, it is a hit but only 3 damage. It still hurts.
X makes two side attacks on L, but the first hit AdjDX12+2 is a hit for 7 damage and L is down.
F do nothing, since his only opponent just died.
Enemy G shoots AGAIN, he is not engage since R never got his Halberd drawn. But rolls 16! A miss.
N shoots again, hits enemy X for 8 damage and X is down.
Somehow N managed to get a second shot in with her Lgt. Crossbow. She is fast enough for one shot per turn instead of one shot every two turns. Now she made a double shot!

Initiative 4+1 vs 3 Party moves first.

GM wraps up, it will be too many attack before the enemy can switch weapon and fight back.

… This could have been a lot worse for the party if they had gone for the unarmored heroes first, but that is not in the Death Test engagement rules.

The party rest up 1, and Longlegs gets physickered again.
Result is 1 fatigue for X and 1 damage healed on L.
3 jewels were found.

The party presses on. This time they decide on the Lgt. Crossbow, the illusion, and L will keep the boomerang, still trusting his Quick Draw talent. Then the corridor narrows and another argument starts as to the moving order. First G, then N, then X and R last. They forget about the illusion once the go through the darkness curtain. It was cramped enough anyways.

The “Copper Room”
Two rather beefy warriors were taking a break and a fight breaks out immediately.

(U) ST10,DX14(11),IQ8,MA6 Chain, Hammer and a horsebow.
(S) ST11,DX13, Longbow and a shortsword.

Initiative 1+1 vs. 4 Enemies moves last.
G shuffles forward as fast as he can. Trying to draw the longbow fire.
N Steps in goes prone and shoots.
X moves in and hides behind G Dodging.
R, last in line, uses two MA to get into the room, but still manage to hide by the wall and throws his boomerang.
S backs up and shoot.
U covers his archer friend and dodges.

R throws his curvy stick at adjDX15, shouts “Duck” to the Dwarf who looks over his shoulder with surprise in his eyes. Boom! The roll to miss was a 14, an auto hit, in the back where the shield won't help poor Ogre. 9 damage! Sounds terrible, but after plate and toughness, only 2 damage goes through.
N adjDX14+1(kneeling)-1(Range) A hit and she places 4 damage on S.
S the archer shoots back at N adjDX13 -1 (Range) rolls an 8 and do 5 hits on N.

Initiative 2+1 vs. 4 Enemies chose to go first in order to avoid being engaged.
S backs up.
U takes a step and attacks.
G Moves
X Moves
R Charge
N Attacks

R goes first with yet another attempt at a quick draw polearm charge. He fails yet again, with a 15.
N Tilly goes second with an adjDX of 14+1, but she has a -2 due to wounds.
S goes before N with his last shot. He can't fire at X since she is in a side hex. He won't risk hitting his friend, so he goes for G. Hits, but he has no chance of penetrating his heavy armor on a normal hit.
N Tilly finally gets to fire her crossbow, she hits with an 11, and do 8 damage to U, 5 after armor.
U adjDX13 attacks unarmored and wounded R. Rolls a 13 a hit! That is changed to a miss after applying the -2DX penalty from the crossbow bolt wound. A close call, one of many to come for R.
No retreats.

Initiative 3 vs 1 Party go last.
S turns and equips his shortsword.
U turns and attack (X is the only danger, R is unarmed).
R Stand still, intending to disengages instead of shifting to U's side and get in Tilly's LOS.
X turns and defends.
G swings away completely ignored by U.

N shoots first adjDX14+1(Prone)-1(range) 13! A hit. 6 damage on U, 3 after armor.
R disengages on his turn.
U Attacks with a lot of penalties, Low ST (-3), Expertise from X (-1) and 6! dice, X is defending with expertise and Two Weapon Fighting. He rolls 27! Completely confused by the twirling cage of fire around X when she goes defensively.
G even with a back attack and +4, he still only hits on an auto hit of 5. A miss.
No retreats.

Initiative 5+1 vs 3 Party go last.
U doesn't turn, hoping that R will charge him in the side and by doing so cover him from the crossbow bolt. He faces X's two attacks instead.
S faces off against X with a good DX and a short sword in hand, it is a threat.
X holds and defends.
R charges but from the front so as not to cover Tilly's Line of Sight.
N Attacks.

R goes first since it is a polearm attack. Quickdraw succeeds, finally! AdjDX11 but with 4/DX due to the defending U. 11 precisely, it is a hit! 16 damage 13 after armor. U goes down hard!
N Shoots, rolling first to miss G. adjDX 14+1-1(range) (Some unhappy rumbling from Ogre). Misses G, hits S for 7 damage and S is unconscious.

The party found 1 jewel.

The party rests up for 1 fatigue and Orin physicker himself and Tilly.

Ogre at ST 15
Longlegs at ST 10
Twirl at ST 6
Tilly at ST 9

They are still in good shape and decides to press on. But no more shots in the back.
This time the illusion will back them up and Tilly will be ready to step in with the Lgt. Crossbow.

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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

A 2 for defense means the illusion drops his shield and weapon, both disappear promptly. (Very suspicious!)
If an illusion is forced to drop its weapons it disappears, not just its weapons.
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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

Originally Posted by RVA_Grandpa View Post
If an illusion is forced to drop its weapons it disappears, not just its weapons.
I've never played it like that, and I can't find any statement to that effect. Do you have any references?

My take on it would be that when you cut an illusion in two, you either disappear one of the parts, or whatever cut it just passes straight through. Either way, you get a strong indication that it is an illusion since it behaves strangely.

In this case, the illusion could just have chosen to not drop the weapons, which would look odd, but could be explained away by the weapons being secured to the guy, or you could drop them according to the HTH rules which looks realistic until they disappear, which is also very odd. Either way, it gave the opponents a chance to disbelieve.

I haven't found any rule that makes the illusion go poof? You could say that the illusion behaves in such an impossible way that it goes poof by itself, like a pink flying elephant with a fez. But I am not sure this qualifies. Maybe a 2/IQ roll instead of a 3/IQ to disbelieve if you have a very good reason for disbelieving?
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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

If there is any interest I will post the rest of the run. It took longer to write down than I thought. :-)
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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

I'm interested! You don't have to do a turn-by-turn recap; a summary of each room would work.
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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

If I run out of steam I will just do the recap, but sometimes there are interesting choices that might need an explanation. Especially for people that are new to TFT or those like me are a little bit rusty with the rules.

And some of the fights get more tricky. :-)
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Default Re: Death Test Revisited after 40 years

Originally Posted by Nils_Lindeberg View Post
I've never played it like that, and I can't find any statement to that effect. Do you have any references?
The main ones I know are:
ITl page 138: "A single illusion cannot split in two this is why an illusory fighter cannot use a thrown or missile weapon."
ITL page 139: "An image/illusion [...] can make only physical attacks (and cannot use a thrown or missile weapon that would require the image/illusion to divide in two)."

I feel like there have been other answers supporting this in original TFT, but that may mean Interplay Q&A somewhere (I looked in the Codex Q&A but didn't see it there).
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