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Default Two-headed

If player A knocks down a door and it’s a monster and player B plays Two-headed and then player A plays restraining order, does player B take two-headed back or is two-headed an instant card already played and can’t be removed?

It’s being argued that any monster enhancer or modifier take effect immediately like a curse does and therefore can’t be taken back when restraining order is take is that it’s played on a monster and since the monster is still in play, all cards played on the monster are still in play and therefore can be forced back to the owner with the restraining order but maybe I’m wrong. Please clarify. Thank you!

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Default Re: Restraining Order and Monster Enhancers

As long as the Monster is there and combat is ongoing, most cards played to it remain. Monster Enhancers, especially, are not instant cards that are automatically discarded. There are obviously some cases where a card might be played to affect a combat and immediately discarded, but that's not this case. Restraining Order also makes it very clear that cards played by the targeted player need to be returned.

So, to recap: in combat, all Monsters and Monster Enhancers played on them remain "in play," therefore any cards played by the player who is the target of Restraining Order can and must be returned to that player.
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