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Default Re: Boosting spells with extra ST

Originally Posted by warhorse11h View Post
More importantly, I have a suggestion. Advanced Wizard, pg 4, right hand column, at the bottom of the page states, "A Creation Spell for a given area includes all the spells of the same type for lesser areas. For instance, a wizard who knows 3-Hex Fire is also assumed to know the one-hex Fire spell, at no extra IQ cost. A wizard with the 7-hex Illusion automatically knows 4-Hex Illusion...and so on.
This holds true for Illusion, Image, Fire, Wall, and Shadow.
Apparently, this rule still exists... ITL, pg 137. The explanation is confusing, though, since the examples are from higher to lower versions. Would the opposite also be true? If I select 'Illusion' first does that mean I automatically get the multi-hex versions when my IQ gets increased?
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Default Re: Boosting spells with extra ST

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
Never said 'perfect' my friend, only 'preferred'. And I know I could use more IQ sometimes.
Just givin' you a friendly poke in the ribs, amigo ;)
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