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Default Ley Lines and Alignments

Sorry about the formatting, I can't seem to get the tables to turn out right.


These are lines along which flow a worlds mana. Sometimes this power crests to the surface, in amounts that can be used.

Frequency and Appearance

In any given 10,000 square mile area (100 x 100 miles), there will be several random ley line segments. When they surface, it will generally run for an average length depending on the overall mana sphere.

Mana Level Frequency of Ley Lines
Very High Mana 3D6/10,000 sq. miles
High Mana 2D6/10,000 sq. miles
Normal Mana 2D6/10,000 sq. miles
Low Mana 1D6/10,000 sq. miles
No Mana 1D3/10,000 sq. miles

The exact distance they run above ground and available is also related to the mana level of the world.

Mana Level Distance
Very High Mana 3D6x10 miles
High Mana 2D6x10 miles
Normal Mana 1D6x10 miles
Low Mana 1D6x5 miles
No Mana 1D6 miles

At times the width and height of a ley line is also important, it is also determined by overall mana levels.

Mana Level Width
Very High Mana 3D6 yards
High Mana 2D6 yards
Normal Mana 1D6 yards
Low Mana 1D6 yards
No Mana 1D3 yards

The energy of a ley line will continually boost the magic points of a character by one point per rank of the ley line, which is determined by the overall mana level of the world in question.

Mana Level Line Levels Roll
Very High Mana 5-10 1D6+4
High Mana 3-8 1D6+2
Normal Mana 1-6 1D6
Low Mana 1-3 1D3
No Mana 0-2 1D3-1

Ley line energy radiates power in the area around the line. Each mile outside the line reduces the amount of power by 2, until there is no additional mana available.


Nexus form in areas where two or more ley lines converge.

The number of nexus points per 100x100 mile area is listed as a percentage of the number of ley lines. For example, if there are 10 ley line segments and a rating of 20% for nexus points, there would be 2 places where ley lines cross in that region.

Frequency of Nexus Points 2d6-2x5%

As for how many lines flow into the nexus, that is left for the GM to determine. Alternatively, nexus can be broken down into three categories, minor, moderate and major.

Nexus Type Roll
Major 6
Moderate 5-4
Minor 1-3

The type of nexus determines how many lines intersect.

Nexus Type Number of Lines
Major 3D3+1 4-10
Moderate 2D3+1 3-7
Minor 1D3+1 2-4

These places of power often have power far outside of the lines flowing into them. The mana from each line is added and then multiplied based on the overall mana of the world. The higher the base level of the world the more additional mana is drawn to the surface by the nexus.

Multiplier of available power 1d6-1x5%

The base diameter is the width of the largest ley line flowing into the nexus plus an additional 10% of all the lines that intersect.

Certain astronomical phenomenon cause surges along ley lines and nexus.

Noon and Midnight
The most common surges occur daily, at noon and midnight. For a half hour on either side of the clock striking twelve, the points available increase by 10%.

Equinox and Solstice
The vernal and autumnal equinox are two time a year where day and night are equal length. On the other hand, Solstices are when the sun is at the closest (summer) and furthest (winter).
During the twenty-four-hour period all points available are increased by 50%.

A lunar eclipse is when the planet passes directly between the sun and the moon. Typically, they last around ninety minutes, and during this time the available points are increased by 25%.
Solar eclipses are when a moon or other body passes between the planet and the sun.
Partial eclipses are when only a fraction of the sun is blocked (at least 50%). They don’t last long though, only around ten minutes. But they spike the available mana by 75%.
Total eclipses are just that, the interposing body completely covers the sun. They are even briefer than partial solar eclipses, lasting two to eight minutes. But they are the most powerful of the common astronomical occurrences. Double all available mana.
A solar eclipse created by more than one moon in alignment will raise the mana available by an additional 10% for each moon past the first.
Of course, if the world has no moon, then eclipses are impossible.

Planetary Alignments
Two or more moons aligning will raise the mana by 25% +15% for each moon after the second.
When three or more planets, including the one with the lines in question, align, it causes a surge in power. Each planet in the alignment raises the mana available by 10%. They also last anywhere from 30 to 180 minutes (3D6 x 10).

Solar Alignments
Multiple suns aligning raise the ambient mana by 25% per sun. So, during the few minutes of a triple solar alignment the mana peaks at an additional 75%.
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Default Re: Ley Lines and Alignments

I'd think in areas of No Mana, the ley lines would be completely non-existent. But that's just my opinion.

Some of them get pretty high up, well into the ionosphere it looks. The stratosphere is like 4 or 5 miles above sea level, IIRC.
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Default Re: Ley Lines and Alignments

Originally Posted by Phantasm View Post
Some of them get pretty high up, well into the ionosphere it looks. The stratosphere is like 4 or 5 miles above sea level, IIRC.
True, I think that the heights need to be scaled back severly. I made a change to that, they now use the width roll as their height.
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