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The Colonel
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Default Re: Cost Of Enchanting In Real Worlds Value

Originally Posted by mr beer View Post
DR 5 is basically punch, kick and stab proof, right? Also highly effective against light pistol rounds and shot. Better than nothing against heavier firearms.

That's pretty sweet protection for a T shirt or a silk scarf.
Might struggle with punches and kicks if it's flexible but otherwise, yes.
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Pope Uncommon the Dainty
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Default Re: Cost Of Enchanting In Real Worlds Value

According to this infographic, $60,319.59 is the equivalent of equipping about three and a half typical US soldiers and a little bit more than 1/14th the cost of a cruise missile. Wow, soldiers cost a lot less that I thought, considering that more than half of our budget goes to the military.

Of course, as was pointed out, the retail price would be around 100 kilodollars. That's almost five and three-quarters soldiers and just shy of 1/8th a cruise missile

The same infographic provides some markers for comparison, so I can add that the same amount is
  • almost a quarter again (125%) of one year average U.S. annual household income (or two years of income, at retail prices),
  • enough to put two and seven-eighths people through a four-year college education (or about 5 people at retail prices),
  • four families' worth of average family health insurance plans (gained through an employer) (six and three-eighths at retail prices),
  • about a quarter of the median sales price of a new house sold in the U.S. (almost half at retail prices)

That's cheap enough that only a small percentage of soldiers will have this kind of armor, but it is unlikely to be difficult for any soldier to call in the special unit that is, I would imagine. I'm no soldier (pacifist anarchists tend not to do well in the military), so I can't say exact numbers, but I imagine any military base would be likely to have, what, mebbe a dozen or two such soldiers at any time? That would cost the same as 42-84 (or 69-138) regular soldiers.

The police, on the other hand, would seem to merit only a handful of officers equipped suchly, but they've also been the dumping ground for military equipment since well before the Battle for Seattle 19 years ago (I did say I was an anarchist), so I'd imagine that about half the bomb squad and half SWAT, maybe, might have inherited military surplus enchanted armor . . . .
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