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Default [Magic] Armor Enchantments And Clothing Damage

While arising from attempts to work out how a chainmail bikini would work in GURPS, this actually applies in RAW as well.

Now armor enchantments have this limitation: 'They are “always on” and are excellent protection. The drawback is that when the item is badly enough damaged, the spell also vanishes. Keep track of the number of times the item is penetrated by enemy blows. When it has been penetrated (DRx5) times, using natural DR, it is damaged enough that the enchantment leaves. If the clothing has no natural DR – e.g., a cotton shirt enchanted into armor – it loses its power after the fifth penetration.'

So what happens when a normal item of clothing has one of these enchantments and takes damage in such a way that it would presumably be destroyed yet hasn't taken enough damage for the enchantment to be destroyed?

Examples: A lace choker one inch wide with either Fortify to protect the neck, or Deflect to protect the whole body, and the wearer takes a knife to the throat and the choker is cut in two. A bikini enchanted to project a force field around the wearer has the string between the breasts severed by a similar attack.

Now clearly the item falls off the wearer and they lose any benefit's provided, but assuming they pick them up and later repair them somehow (Or jury-rig something in the case of the bikini), do the enchantments still work?
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Default Re: [Magic] Armor Enchantments And Clothing Damage

Enchanted items lose their enchantment when broken, so those items would presumably lose their enchantment, and be non-magical, even after they're repaired.

However, one might be able to make a case that the bikini is not truly broken, given a simple repair can fix it. I'd be sympathetic to the argument that a proper repair by a skilled tailor, or using the Repair spell would allow it to function again. The choker, not so much.
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