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J. Edward Tremlett
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Default Moon of Silver extras

Hey folks!

As always, some things wound up on the cutting room floor. Some of them answer questions, some just add extra detail. As always, the truth of the matter is in your hands.


What Really Happened
As with so many things for the Wolves, the why is not known – merely the how.

On the first pass, the Moon locked in place at the 40th parallel. On the second pass, in every area directly affected by the altered sunlight, another, more subtle conversion began. Certain people became faster and stronger, and developed red, itchy skin as their body hair increased. They turned hasty and impatient, acting more on instinct than reason, and developed a stronger sense of smell and taste. They also started experiencing odd hungers for raw, red meat.

Obviously, some gross change was afoot, but for some reason they did not fear it. Instead they slunk away from other humans and sought the company of those undergoing the change, instinctually knowing they were meant to be together. Leaders soon evidenced themselves, challenges were made and met, and the strong prevailed.

Then the month ended, their skin split to reveal the wolf within, and they rushed out to feast. Those who they bit or clawed that did not die became like they were, but not quite. When these new wolves became human, once more, they were no longer as intelligent as they’d been before the change, nor as strong-willed. But they retained their knowledge and skills, and, more importantly, obeyed those who’d turned them.

Those first ones to turn became known as the Wolf Lords. The ones they’d changed – and those they changed, in turn – became their Pack. When the Lords had secured their position, and then turned to fight one another, the victors took control of the Packs of the vanquished, and the humans they held captive.

Their children, in turn, have maintained that control, and so do the Wolf Lords retain dominion.

(left out of Interspecies Relations)

Another use for humans is the simple matter of breeding more Wolf Lords. The change that turns a human into a Wolf also renders them sterile, which is why capturing or turning “supplies” is such a necessity. Therefore, the only way to create more Wolf Lords is either with other Wolf Lords – requiring good relations with neighbors, or else risking inbreeding – or with humans.

The children of such a pairing is either a Wolf or Wolf Lord – the distinction being unclear until they get old enough for their intelligence, willpower, and personality to evidence themselves. Lords go on to assume a leadership role within the camp, and are part of the line of succession. Lord-born Wolves, on the other hand, are considered something of an embarrassment: more useful ones are put in charge of a portion of the Pack, or used in various intermediary roles, while less useful ones are essentially cannon fodder or pawns, if not exiled or killed outright.

Lord-Born Wolves: Wolves who are born of Lords are something of a mixed-bag, trait-wise. They might be rational or not. They might retain their Intelligence and/or Willpower but be subject to Bestial, Berserk, and/or Bloodlust; they be spared those Disadvantages but be less intelligent and willful.

They do not have Slave Mentality, and are not always Sterile – in fact, some minor “Wolf Lords” are actually exiled Lord-Born Wolves who have since formed their own dynasty. (The original Lord Glass of Chicago was an example of this.)

Tribes of the Moon

While nowhere near as abundant as they once were, following the start of the eclipse, the Wolf Lords are still quite numerous. Some of the more notable ones are listed below, along with their territory, seat of power, numbers, WMDs (if any), and relevant data.

Lord Serpent (Western US: California, Nevada, Utah): Provo, Utah; 14 Wolf Lords, 500 Wolves; Biological (canisters w/o delivery mechanism)

Lord Red (Middle US: Kansas, Missouri, south-western Illinois): Cheyenne, Colorado; 7 Wolf Lords, 350 Wolves; Nuclear Missiles (still launchable)

Lord Glass (Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, Northern Indiana): Chicago, Illinois; 10 Wolf Lords, 400 Wolves; No WMDs

Lord White (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey): Washington DC; 20 Wolf Lords, 500 Wolves; Chemical (weaponized Ebola in bomblets)

Anax Erinys (Greece, Turkey, Georgia): Athens, Greece; 50 Wolf Lords, 750 Wolves; Radioactive Waste w/o delivery mechanism

Rabi Alsamt (Algeria, Tunisia, Libya): Ghat, Libya; 23 Wolf Lords, 600 Wolves; Chemical (Sarin with delivery mechanism);

Zhu Yin (China) Beijing; 50 Wolf Lords, 1000 Wolves, Nuclear Missiles (still launchable);
It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the Living God (Heb. 10:31)

"Or the light that never, never warms" (Boc. 6:55)


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