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Default Re: Typical length of travel

Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
Incidentally, I do have a simple rule for that. The time it takes to search a given area (circle/hex) is the time it takes to go from one side of that area to the other, but you make no progress traveling during that time. After that, the GM makes a secret Tracking roll. If you want to move to the next area after finding nothing, you have to spend the time traveling again.

Or, in bullet points, searching a 125-mile diameter area:
  • Spend however long it takes to travel 125 miles, including meals and random encounters.
  • GM makes Tracking roll; success finds, failure doesn't. You can cut time to find on a critical success to whatever, and a critical failure means really nasty random encounters.
  • If you don't find it, move on to the next area. You need to go at least 125 miles since that's what you were searching, so you need to spend however long it takes to travel 125 miles, including meals and random encounters.
That area is a 5-mile hex in my game, though that sometimes means going through 5-mile hex by 5-mile hex until hitting the right one or catching a resident of the dungeon out and about and tracking it back to its lair.
What I think Anthony was trying to point out here is that the scaling is a bit off.

Using your rule, it takes ten times as long to search an area that has ten times the diameter. (This holds true regardless of success chance, as you simply roll once per diameter.)
However, an area with ten times the diameter is a hundred times as large and should thus take a hundred times as long to search.

Consider an extreme example where, for whatever reason, the search check is guaranteed to succeed. Let's also pull a number out of a hat and say that they end up travelling twenty miles per day.
With these numbers, searching an areas twenty miles in diameter takes a day. Searching an area with a diameter of 2200 miles takes 110 days.

The former area, twenty miles in diameter, is a fifth of Rhode Island. The latter area is the size of the entire United States of America, and is 12,075 times as large as the smaller area (while only takes 110 times as long to search).

An increased difficulty in search checks will multiply the time to search either area equally, so the relative fractions remain the same.
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