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Pope Uncommon the Dainty
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Default GURPS In Nomine questions (crossposted in the GURPS forum)

I'm converting a character right now, and I'm not sure how to price a couple of things, so I thought I'd ask the community.

How much do you think Word-Forces would cost in GURPS 3rd edition terms? (Third edition only because that's the edition of GIN; conversion to 4th edition can come later). They only affect how much Essence a celestial can hold and the amount of disturbance they make when they come to the corporeal realm, though they can also serve as a way to soak celestial damage by sacrificing them instead of the celestial's own Forces. Would that be -50% limitation on Power Investiture, do you think (so 5 points per level)? Or would it just be extra levels of Essence Control?

Blandine's Dream Joining attunement is the other thing I'm not sure how to price exactly. It costs 2 Essence and merges two people's dreams together. In addition to the obvious and subtle "soft" benefits of two people dreaming together, this helps shore up the dreams from slipping over to the Nightmare side of the ethereal realm. I don't even really know where to start with figuring out a cost for this one :-( Help?
either e/em/eir pronouns or fey/fem/fear pronouns
{if you don't want to learn new words, singular they is OK}
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Default Re: GURPS In Nomine questions (crossposted in the GURPS forum)

In the Eli pdf, Word-Forces for a Tether, which is still a Word, are costed at the same 10 as regular Forces. I would stick with that.

For what it's worth, "being a Word-bound Seneschal" is there as an Advantage given a cost of 66 points, and includes all the usual powers of that post described in regular IN, although those are not costed out individually. Beth gave us the breakdown in the playtest. This is independent of the number of Forces provided by the Tether Word. Being an Attuned Seneschal would have cost 33. Being a Seneschal gives rather more powers than simply being Word-Bound, though; for the most part the latter seems to be an awareness of the state of the Word, some rate of extra Essence, Heavenly Rank, and the ability to provide Rites and Attunements if your Word is strong enough.

I have no thoughts on Dream-Joining.
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