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Default Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2

One of everything
Is a little tricky when
There is only one
— Friendly magick shoppe owner to a wealthy delver
The not-so-subtle theme of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game is more. We've tackled more monsters, so it's time for more stuff – specifically, magical stuff. But where's the fun in items that you can just pick up in town, or that every second horde pygmy you decapitate has two of already?

Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2 picks up where the final chapter of Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items left off, bringing you 44 rare and in some cases unique artifacts that aren't merely collections of bonuses and standard spell effects. Each is carefully described and explained (very important when dealing with munchkins . . .), and comes with all the necessary stats – including a canonical sell price, weight, and power-item capacity. Every entry also comes with full-color art to help you visualize it, and an adventure seed that suggests how to work the item into your campaign.

Reward yourself and maybe your players, if they're very, very good: Get Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2 today!

Store Link:
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2

I really enjoyed this! I only got to skim it as I'm behind on other things right now, but I look forward to incorporating quite a few of these into future games.
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2

Settling down and reading this was actually a lot of fun. It hits that really difficult balance of 'useful for the hobby game' and 'entertaining to read on its own' and is maybe the best example of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG's (and therefore, really, Kromm's) unique 'voice' in the GURPS world.

More like this would be very, very welcome.
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Default Re: Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2

I note that there is no preview available. Is that new policy, or merely due to the nonstandard route by which the book came about?
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