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Old 02-06-2023, 10:54 AM   #211
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Default Re: GURPS 5E?

Originally Posted by ravenfish View Post
Given that SJGames claims that the market really isn't there for full sized GURPS books, I really can't see them doing something that would require creating new versions of many of them.
Just as most of the Third Edition supplements were not updated and are still useable the same would likely br true of the Fourth Edition supplements.
Page references would be off but that should be obvious so not to confusing.
Unless there were major rules changes the old supplements would still have much of thier utility.
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Default Re: GURPS 5E?

Originally Posted by acrosome View Post
You're missing the point of the yarter. (Or you're just being difficult.) It's just something that could be thought of as either a yard or a meter.
If you're talking about using a unit called a yarter (or ranga, or whatever), that can equally work as a yard or meter, that's problematic, because it's a made-up unit. If you're talking about using a unit called a yard, where the math actually tries to put it halfway between a yard and meter and there's a note in the book that you can simply read "yard" as "meter," that's probably fine.

As for currency, I feel it should be a symbol that is obviously a reference to money and that can be readily typed (as many GM's use word processors to generate handouts, write out campaign ideas, etc). $ largely works, but can indeed cause some confusion with people not certain if that means modern USD, period USD, USD at the time the books were published (and is that when Basic Set was published, or the book I'm getting the value from?), etc. X is good at avoiding causing people to get confused as to when it's standardized to, and is something you could probably quickly learn to associate with money, but it's a pain to write. I think G$ might be the optimal option - being $ makes it clear that it's money (at least to those of us in the US, but I think US culture is pervasive enough that most people who might opt to play GURPS recognize $ as being associated with money), the G in front makes it clear these are "GURPS dollars" rather than period USD, and it's relatively easy to type (hold shift and press "g" then "4"). At least with a US QWERTY keyboard - I have no experience with other keyboards. If other keyboards have a different currency symbol that can be quickly used (like € or ¥ or whatever), doing G€/G¥/G(whatever) could also work to denote "GURPS money." Then have a short note of what G$ means. Something like:

"Prices in GURPS are written in terms of G$. G$1 is the approximate cost of a loaf of bread. In actual campaign worlds, currencies such as copper/silver/gold coins, dollars, denari, yen, yuan, won, and similar may be in use, but for consistency prices are given in the universal G$. The G$ is further nominally standardized to the value of the USD in fiscal year 2004 - GM's who are converting prices from online catalogs or similar can simply convert the price to 2004 USD to get an approximate G$ value." You could have that same note for any symbol you opted to use, such as X or ₲ or cru or cr (credits) or whatever.
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Old 02-06-2023, 11:07 AM   #213
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Default Re: GURPS 5E?

Instead of a 5th edition, I'd rather see boxed sets similar to DFRPG that feature resources stripped down to what is needed for a specific genre--Cosmic Horror, Monster Hunters, Mission X (modern/near modern Action), Space Opera, Hard Vacuum (perhaps a less specific version of Transhuman Space, Car Wars, After the End, etc. These might not do someone like me a whole lot of good, but (in my estimation) would be better at pulling in new players than just another set of books. And new players is what GURPS needs far more urgently than a 5th edition. Plus, the bling in the box might be enough to make someone like me, who already has what I need to run something like Cosmic Horror adventures, purchase the boxed set anyway.
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Old 02-06-2023, 12:12 PM   #214
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Default Re: GURPS 5E?

The problem with that is that it would probably not be profitable except for dungeon fantasy, which they've already done. Dungeon Fantasy is like 90% of the market, and I doubt SJGames has the clout to change that significantly.
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Default Re: GURPS 5E?

And at this point, after multiple pages of arguing in circles over various measuring systems, I'm going to call this thread no longer useful.

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