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Default Re: #Dungeon23 Megadungeon Challenge

March 2 etr

Description: A small 2 yard by three yard room. A plaque has been carved into the wall.

The plaque: carved with hole that looks like it would hold a small stone, a hand print for a right hand. and the following runes carved below.

By this gem I swear loyalty to Polriket
By this hand I swear obedience to Polriket
By this throat I swear my life to Polriket

The plaque is surrounded by several deep gashes in the stone, but it itself is perfectly smooth. If the plaque is destroyed, it will gradually grow back into the stone over the course of a week.

The plaque is enchanted. If a gem is placed in and the words spoken, the gem becomes enchanted and will open several places in the dungeon if placed there by the character who swore the oath. The Gem has other properties as well... it can be used to track the location of the person who swore its oath, and resistance to magic spells cast by Polriket or his lieutenants are at -3.

Exits: A simple stone archway without a door.
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