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Default Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Let's make a collaborative DFRPG mega-dungeon. Anyone who wants can propose a section.

  1. Assume about four 250 pt characters for the first level. Sections from lower levels can be about 50 pts "harder" per level down.
  2. Keep your section small. If you want to do something bigger, make several small sections and connect them.
  3. Try to have at 1-2 connections to previous sections and 1 or 2 open connections for others to latch onto. Links to outside are ok, but not required, and if this is not the first level make them hard to find from the outside.
  4. No maps are required. Feel free to link one if you want. Be default, there is no light, normal mana, nature's strength and sanctity, etc. as the defaults in DFRPG. Any exceptions that apply to the whole section may be noted at the top. The whole complex is sacred to the God of the Underworld - assume +(dungeon level) sanctity unless noted.
  5. Framing-story - The God of the Underworld holds dungeons sacred. It has rescued a bunch of its favorites from across space and time and merged them into a sprawling complex that is part museum, part temple, and part delve. Almost anything may be found within its confines, and "dungeon sanctity" boosts the power of many of its denizens, but delvers are always "welcome" to try their luck. The God roots for the home team, but doesn't rig the game. ... Much.

Proposed Format:

Environmental note 1
Environmental note 2


Connections -
  • Connection 1
  • Connection 2
  • Connection 3


The Pit of Death, But Also Riches and Glory
Level: 1

This entire area is +3 sanctity to God of the Underworld as long as the pattern remains on the floor of the pit.

The Pit: A roughly 40' diameter, 20' deep hole in the forest floor, lined in polished cobbles. Some unseen agency keeps the pit clean and dry, but for some reason it always smells of oranges. The construction style does not match any current civilization. Careful examination of the cobbles on the floor of the pit reveals a subtle pattern sacred to the God of the Underworld.

A ramp spirals down to the bottom, and an ominous dark arch leads to a cramped annular maze that surrounds the pit.

The maze is not complex, but it is home to multiple angry spectres, who harass delvers with running attacks before disappearing back into the stonework, at least two horrid skulls sheltered in small secret rooms, and a few roaming "goldbugs" - harmless hand sized beetles who's golden shell actually contains a nontrivial amount of gold. (Worth $50 ea. to a jeweler if you can catch them.) Passages are dark, 5' tall, 3' wide, and the floor is bad terrain.

There is a secret room deep in the maze with a floor covered in glued down copper coins, with a sparking chain-armored corpse golem standing on top. The coins are electrified and do 2d-4 per round to those touching them - but the corpse golem is healed for that amount. Destroying the golem ends the effect, and coins can be pried up with 1 minute of work ea.

The outer edge of the maze has several exits deeper into the dungeon, and one dusty dead end is a teleporter to the third level of the dungeon that can be activated by the sacrifice of a virginal mammal of at least 100lbs weight.

Connections -
  • The Pit Itself
  • Teleporter(this could be you!)
  • North to Terror Bird Junction
  • (this could be you!)...

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