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Default Questionable Power Builds

I'm building some psionic power sets in the 60-80 point range and I'm finding some of the builds have some questionable elements. I could use some more eyes on if the builds are legit. The issues I'm coming across are as follows:
  1. I've currently using Maximum Duration with Possession. The package is centered on mind control, and the specific ability inspired by X-com. The character can turn enemy soldiers against their friends, and direct their actions with a tactical level of precision, but only for a short time. Maximum Duration is for abilities that are "Beneficial" and "Switchable" and "Usually On". I can see Possession fulfilling all of those requirements, but its also an attack. I don't want the character to have long-term control of the subject, but I do want it to be useful in battle. I do feel that the limitation is meaningful: the controller can't take over the guy's life, and has a limit time to do really anything with the new body. As a related note, how do you build a version of mind control that doesn't give the target a chance to break free when the first thing you order him to do is shoot his comrades?
  2. How do you feel about using alternative abilities on the same ability modified in different ways? Obviously its standard procedure for innate attack or affliction, but I feel a little weird about applying it to mind control or precognition. Mind control with conditioning that can be (but doesn't have to be) slow and sure is [95], but buying all three modes as alternative abilities only costs [64]. Which I suppose isn't a huge cost savings, but its substantial, and slow and sure takes 10 minutes and a restrained victim anyways, so the switching cost is negligible. I have a similar issue with Precognition, where its cheaper to separate the active and passive versions.
  3. Lastly, I'm debating using Obscure as a Psychokinesis ability to deflect bullets. The idea is that the psi isn't aiming for any specific bullets, but creating a field that curves off-center projectiles away from them. A really good (or lucky) shot can go right through. Obscure is the advantage that gives other people a penalty to hit you. I just know some people have strong opinions about it being used to change the path of projectiles. Though a mist bank can make it harder to shoot things behind it as well as around it, so the effect isn't entirely unlike the base of obscure. Maybe if I put a limitation on the damage of projectiles it could block. So where do you stand on obscure for bullet-deflection fields?
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