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Default Illuminati INWO clarification

hello, i am a newbie to this forum so forgive me if i'm posting in the wrong place. My question is, why do some cards mention an income while others don't? I played INWO for the first time back about 2003-2004, and don't remember anything about income, only action tokens...but this rules link

talks about income. what am i missing here?!! i have recently been buying cards on eBay, most of which don't mention income (including the main Illuminati groups themselves) but some do (the ones specifically from the Y2K expansion that i bought a pack of. for instance 'Druids' out of the Y2K mentions an income but 'Druids' out of the main set (limited or unlimited, not sure which) doesn't say anything about an income. Someone please clarify, this has been bugging me for a while now.
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Andrew Hackard
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Default Re: Illuminati INWO clarification

Thread moved from SJ Games General to Card Games.
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Default Re: Illuminati INWO clarification

In Illuminati the "regular" fixed deck game (not Illuminati: New World Order; the trading card game) groups have income. Y2K was an expansion for Illuminati. These are two different games.
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Default Re: Illuminati INWO clarification

As sir_pudding points out, "Illuminati" and "INWO" are two themetically related but completely separate games. Illuminati (which uses income) came first, then INWO (which uses action tokens) was the CCG version of it that came up with new rules to avoid having to use income/megabucks.
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