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David Johnston2
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Default Re: Attention Deficit Theater Presents: Tartarian Gods

Provisional Spell List for Tantalus: Seek Earth, Essential Earth, Lesser Wish, Hideaway, Seek Food, Test Food, Season, Know Recipe, Create Food, Hunger, Thirst, Great Healing, Divination: Sortilege, Seek Water, Bless, Curse
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Default Re: Attention Deficit Theater Presents: Tartarian Gods

Originally Posted by David Johnston2 View Post
Are you conflating Prometheus and Proteus?
No, I was thinking along the same lines I thought you were, so Prometheus becomes the rebel Titan who rebelled first against the Titans, and then against the gods. Which makes him a god of revolution.
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David Johnston2
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Default Re: Attention Deficit Theater Presents: Tartarian Gods

Medusa. Medusa priestesses have a Code that forbids them revealing the secrets of others or letting their faces by anyone except to curse them.

Spells: Pain, Strike Blind, Strike Mute, Strike Numb, Agonize, Flesh to Stone, Stone to Flesh, Hide Emotion, Hide Thoughts, Insignificance, Control Reptile, Neutralize Poison, Scryguard, Conceal Magic, Scrywall, Magic Resistance, Spellwall, Pentagram, Remove Aura, Forgetfulness, Madness, Mindlessness, Permanent Forgetfulness, Watchdog, Nightingale, Shield, Missile Shield, Mystic Mist,
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David Johnston2
Join Date: Dec 2007
Default Re: Attention Deficit Theater Presents: Tartarian Gods

The Telkhines are inhabitants of the various islands to the south who are sometimes traders, sometime raiders. They have a reputation as great metalsmiths and shipbuilders and their gods have some following in coastal areas. The tales of their gods suggest that for a time they were allies of the Dark Gods

Telkhine gods:

Lykos the Shark God: The Telkhine god of war and shipbuilding, he's mostly a god of naval warfare, but also piracy and sea-raiding. It says something about his disposition that his closest friend in myth is the dark god of blood and madness.

Acmon the Anvil, Damnameneus the Hammer, Skelmis the Blade: The three smith gods, they served the Storm Tyrant loyally until Skelmis offended the Dark Mother (stories vary about how) and she accused him of disloyalty. The Storm Tyrant cursed Skelmis, transforming him into a mass of ultra-hard adamant. But the Hammer and the Anvil took their brother and crafted him into a sword for Damon so that their brother might take his revenge. Although Skelmis is now a sword he is also god of weapons

Damon the King: Chieftain of the Telkhine gods and hence god of rulers. Son of the Earthshaker, he at first fights for the dark gods defeating Ixion, Tantalus, Lykaon and Python before being entrapped by Sisyphus and Arachne. Later he leads his siblings in rebellion against the Storm Tyrant and defeats the Storm Tyrant with the help of his brother and blade Skelmis.

Megalesios the Releaser: God of the ocean deeps he serves as the Telkhine god of death by drowning, tidal waves, and earthquakes and is sometimes confused with the Earthshaker of the dark gods although he is said to have fought Earthshaker. The Telkhines regard him with dread but make offerings for gentle treatment of the dead in his care.

Ormenos: The Telkhine god of agricultural fertility and healing. Has the typical death and rebirth myth but ultimately not very mythologically interesting, although very valuable.

Actaios the Navigator: God who guided the fleet of refugees into the new world after the destruction of the old one. Actaios is the god mariners pray too when to find their way to land. He is sometimes worshipped for aid in naval combat by those who find Lykos's bloodlust a bit offputting. Both are worshipped by those who want to hedge their bets.

Halia of the Shallows: Where Megalesios is the god of ocean deeps, Halia is the friendlier goddess of shallower ocean waters and is prayed to by fishermen for good hauls. In mythology her enslavement and abuse by Earthshaker although he was possibly her father was one of the grievances that drove the Damon to lead his rebellion.

Dexithea, the Gentle Goddess: Dexithea the daughter of Damon is credited with saving the lives of the remaining Telchine people not through warfare but through soft words, convincing Plague-Bringer...or possibly a monster sent by Plague-Bringer to spare the survivors, allowing their fleet to escape. She is honored as the goddess of mercy, diplomacy and trade, nonviolent interaction in general and is sometimes asked to persuade the harsher gods to show mercy. Telkhine kings routinely claim to be descended from Damon through her.

Makelo, the Ocean: Makelo is Damon's wife. Or more accurately Damon is Makelo's husband for she is the ocean itself and hence the most powerful of all Telkhine gods commanding both Halia and Megalesios. For the Telkhines the ocean is the world entire. She took no side in the war, weeping as her family fought and begging them to cease until the end when she finally rose in wrath and destroyed all the lands of the old world, sweeping the dark gods away "into the spaces beyond the stars"
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clerics, fantasy, gods

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